The Third Marriage (2023) Episode 67

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  1. to me the writers of these dramas are sick people. they invest so much screen time in wicked scheming, characters who seem mentally unstable, personality disorder, excessively evil etc

    how can someone write such a long – very sad story?🤣

  2. Finally got to see DJ drowned (after half of this drama) and (so glad) she came back without amnesia, but the revenge progress is seems going nowhere till now

  3. This is why my passcode is secret and I never use my digital Fingerprint lol

    SR is really evil. She will be either dead or crazy in the end of this kdrama.

    She made DJ’s father die, almost killed DJ, almost killed DJ’s baby, SY died because of her too………… I bet she will kill the chairwoman or make her into coma state…….

    Btw, I fear DJ will recover and go right away after SR telling her she will pay for this, while showing all the proofs she has and getting it stolen from her or getting hurt again.

    I wonder if she will disappear and come back as another person (without even telling YH)

  4. Only the first week of the show did I watch. After the first week of the show, I decided to abandon the formula. The friend betrays the other friend. She seduces the spouse, has a baby, exchanges babies, and kills one, or did she? I skipped the first part of the series. My choice was right.

    Now despite her seeming success, SeRan has set herself up for failure. She must marry Ji-Hoon to retain her honor. [🤣🤣]

    SangChul, a mindless idiot, is in jail for not quitting SeRan. Now that Songyi is gone, it would be appropriate to write out Sang-Chul and his mother. Also, I dislike dumb characters.

    If I wrote this, I would love to watch SeRan walk down the aisle to marry JiHoon only to see that DaJang is alive and well, standing next to Yohan as her husband, with her actual daughter and mother. The actress who plays the part is very good with that blank, expressionless look of hers before she explodes. Is she going to run out of the wedding venue when she sees? Oh, and let’s not forget the uncle.

    SeRan’s fake behind doesn’t know it yet, but I hope that at the wedding, her stupid, clueless mother will finally get it and understand that she and SeRan have walked right into hell. That Dajang is with her real mother and married an heir to Dream Foods.

    Looking back at past episodes. How did Yohan adopt DaJang’s baby when his ex-wife was in love with someone else, given earlier episodes? Yet she was expecting Yohan’s child. After the baby died, she returned to her ex. Very perplexing. Thus, his daughter is not his ex-wife’s. Since she cooks and looks like Dajang’s mother, the writer is giving indications that this is her child.

    That’s all I got to say. I haven’t watch much of the dramas because where I am. It’s blocked. Que sera, sera. 👋🏾👋🏾

  5. As much as I hate that little SY is dead, I feel it would be better that DJ deals with all her tragic sorrows once and for all in one BIG lump sum now. Instead of getting better and then leave the hospital later and then again have another few episodes later seeing DJ have another break down. Hopefully by Friday, all her tears would have run dried and her new determination for revenge is cast in stone…this time with loads of brains cells to get her mission accomplished without being a silly brainless bird.

  6. ⚠ Spoilers Ahead!

    Ms Satan is the epitome of evil, now she has set up Sang-Cheol to go down for blackmail. That plan was so amateurish that it would fail under scrutiny. All he needs is an excellent defense lawyer. I hope Ji-Hoon will resist pressure to marry her. He is a known ‘playboy’ and has a reputation so he has no good name to be ruined.

    Meanwhile, love-struck Yo-Yo proposed to Da-Jung, not marriage but friends with benefits, in effect that was what happened. He gave her friendship rings and asked to be by her side forever. He is the type of man who craves for women with a lot of baggage. We also learned that Da-Jung had lost the last piece of evidence, that video clip given by the delivery man.

    Keep your grandpa’s phone safe, An-Na, and do not let your mom get her hands on it. She, because of the Confront-You-Adversary Syndrome and mouth diarrhea, will rush to Se-Ran and tell her everything

    Da-Jung also found out that Song-Yi died in the hit-and-run; her initial reaction was to kill herself but her Knight in Shining Armour leaped to her rescue. Then she became resolute in seeking revenge on Se-Ran. It was partly her fault since she did not contact Song-Yi who missed her so much and ran away to find her.

    So what is her revenge plan? She will fit her wheelchair with jets, machine guns and turn it into a flying killing machine. Beware, Ms. Satan, look up when you are out and about, you never know what will rain down on you. You definitely needs a bullet proof umbrella.

  7. Sigh 😕 Yohan-a Yohan-a Yohan-a, why oh why would you propose to Da Jung now, at this point ,when we can all see that she’s barely, barely holding on to her mental strings and is extremely vulnerable. Especially since she’s still oblivious to her daughter’s death. It just comes off as emotional manipulation plain and simple. I understand that he wanted to lighten her burden by not telling her about Song Yi’s death but proposing to her was still the wrong call. Imagine if DJ had accepted, then she’s all happy and giddy, the amount of self guilt and blame would have been even worse later on (probably what we saw in the preview) and it would have been the same for anyone in that position. He could have just reassured her ,letting her know he’ll always be there for her, and he’ll wait for her and she can lean on him ,and he’ll wait for her and support her “revenge” plan. Seriously Yo Han is supposed to be insightful and emotionally intelligent so how did he make this mistake. His “proposal” is almost the same as his uncle’s “protection” of Noel. Both men hid and professed love to the women to “protect” them and it’s backfiring big time.

  8. Da Jung finds out that her daughter Song Yi is dead 😭Yo Han feels bad that he cannot tell Da Jung about what happened to Song Yi. He confesses his feelings towards her and takes care of her. Meanwhile, Se Ran frames Sang Chul for a crime so that he will get arrested and stay away from her. At the station, Sang Chul runs into the driver who had hit Song Yi.

    So Noel doesn’t recognize SeRan or what cos it’s really annoying

  9. Next up z revealing sy z not her daughter so that she can b bit more relaxed n look fr her daughter. Otherwise it’s just unfair to dj. Sr already forgot her daughter z dead n ready to marry while dj z being sad fr sr’s daughter. It’s better to give her some hope.

  10. YH was in a tough position. The doctor said DJ needed peace and positivity to recover but all he had for her was a crap load of bad news. In his position I would probably do the same thing….but I don’t know how DJ will feel about it. He did lie to her about something very important….but I hope she doesn’t hold it against him since his intentions were good.

    As for SC, he is just reaping what he sowed. He lied to and cheated on DJ, now SR is lying to and cheating on him. He wanted to get rid of his unborn baby with SR, and now he has lost (as far as he knows) his child with DJ. He let SR try to frame DJ and now it’s his turn to be framed. He knew SR murdered DJ’s father and DJ found evidence to prove it and was going to report it to the police, yet when she disappeared without saying goodbye to her child or taking her stuff he chose to believe that DJ abandoned everything rather than SR had something to do with her disappearance. He is STUPID! So he is paying for it now. I don’t pity him at all. I am just wondering if he is going to stay stupid or will he smarten up and stop being SR’s fool after this.

  11. Isn’t it really DUMB to be wearing a ring from a presumably DEAD WOMAN that JH KNOWS you are in love with????

    What better way to say/show that DJ IS ALIVE??? STUPID I”D SAY!

    By HH trying to protect DJ, he didnt tell her about SY……….. that will become a wedge between them later on.

    SOOOOOO happy to see the EVER EVIL MURDERER SE get SC GOOD…….. that LOSER COWARD will be in PRISON soon and he DESERVES it…. to bad his ole hag MOM wont be keeping him company in prison.

    That ole woman, SE “granny” is wayyy to dumb to keep BELIEVING SE. She does absolutely NOTHING to prove or disprove SR & her moms actions…… fact she even FORGAVE & UNDERSTOOD SE not long ago about WHY she did that to DJ.

    I cant wait until that ole womans world CRUMBLES!!