Nothing Uncovered (2024) Episode 3

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  1. Ep 4 is up on Vi ki and this woman telling the dumb cop that she wasn’t at the murder scene🤦🏼‍♀️ OMG seriously…. why make it worse on herself by lying about it. She really getting on my last nerve and its only the forth ep.
    That cop is cocky and full of himself to the point I pray for the white truck to come flying by and take his azz out. I really want to smash his face in.
    I wonder if that Assemblymen was the father of that baby.
    I guess someone is trying to set her up for the murder.
    And that cop clearly still has feelings for her just by the way he’s looking at her in her apartment. I thought he was gonna kiss her.
    He comes busting in her house and I’m like wtf!! Looking around like he’s trying to see if her husband is there or not. Then goes on to ask if she cut a deal with he in laws. What’s it to him if she cut a deal with her father in law or. What business is it of his. 😒

    talk about being to close to the case

  2. I guess I get what the husband was saying that he never felt that she loved him. I mean I kind of see it and get all the crap he was saying but he didn’t have to cheat on her. They never heard of talking things out before it gets to that point in these shows but then I guess we wouldn’t have a show if they did that😒
    I don’t think he killed the skank though.
    I knew the fact that she left that murder scene was gonna come back to bite her right in the azz😒

  3. I just wanted a faithful couple for once, is it to much to ask for?

    If theres a future writer seeing this please end with this trend and give me a drama were the main couple actually loves each other, with no cheating and that go through hardships or even revenge TOGETHER.

    And the fact that the synopsis will have “he loves his wife mor than anything in the world” and in fact he is just one of the many compulsive cheaters and will blame the wife for his wrong doings