Nothing Uncovered (2024) Episode 12

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  1. I seriously thought this was a 12-episode drama, but was I wrong? There are four more episodes to go. I don’t know how and what else is still to be uncovered, if anything, or nothing at all. Here is me hoping for more lucidly written episodes to come. I am sticking with this one to the end. I can’t seem to unglue myself from it, but I truly cannot stand the husband.

  2. Her husband is a nutcase. I’ve never seen anyone in denial like this POS. He does crazy things to hurt his wife–he literally collects women over the years and then decides in a spur of a moment to change, without consideration over allowing her to heal. Then he likes to convince himself he’s being “good”, when underneath it all it’s all founded on selfishness. How entire love for her is FOR HIMSELF only. He’s a piece of work.

  3. I don’t understand why in Korean drama “accidental death” doesn’t exist and when vehicular deaths occur, they don’t just call the police and report it instead they cover it up? Is hitting someone accidentally with a car a crime in Korea? Especially if they were in the middle of the street in the dark.

  4. I hated Jung-Won for having contempated aborting the child in her womb but she did not go through with it. However, I still hated her. What crime have the unborn child did? That child did not deserved to die. She can still get divorced and sue for alimony and child support.

  5. So, her husband had a girlfriend in high school. Miss crazy decided to kill her but when MiRa was escaping the fire he knocked her down, not purposely, then Daddy dearest covered it up and buried her, sent him off out of the country. When the journalist was investigating the fire he was suspicious of the cover up. So unlikely her husband killed her father rather Daddy Dearest did it. Have I got it so far? Looks like she’ll pick up where her father was before his murder. The character of our FL is rather weak probably because of her family, mother f….. off and father murdered, time to wake up girl and only 4 episodes to do so. ? can she do it.

  6. The story is going no where. Now the husband is both the killer of the FL’s husband and his lover. The writer is lost on how to connect the title to the story. No more rendezvous, Go straight to the point, who is and who is not the murdered. Forget about the romantic part between the Detective and the FL.

  7. I think we all knew the husband Woo Jae is a sleeze and that he was hiding something other than his affair with the actress. I’m not certain that Woe Jae murdered Jung Won’s Father either, it may have been the Secretary Joon Ho under the orders of the Father and the actress too.

    The actress was stabbed by Soo Rin but she didn’t die and was still alive so Joon Ho finished the job. Woo Jae may not have done the actual killing other than the car accident but he was in on all the cover ups. They buried Na Ri to cover up her being killed by Woo Jae. I may be wrong but this is why it’s going the whole 16 episodes. There’s more to the story, a lot more.

  8. Why would she stay overnight with a murderer?
    If you knew that the father of your baby was a murderer, would you have an abortion? How would the child be able to handle knowing that growing up?

  9. My life might be more intriguing then this drama I need answers and have no friends lol so I’m gonna leave it here in hopes someone can answer.. my boyfriend of 6 years has been talking to other woman via texts and online messaging hes also been in online relationships with heaps of woman but he claims it’s ok an it’s not cheating because he isn’t physically touching them… I haven’t a clue how to think cause one point he’s right and then it’s wrong sooooo people from all over the world near or far lol is it ok or nah ?? 🥲