Nothing Uncovered (2024) Episode 2

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  1. I hope Jung Won wises up and not go places and do things that make it easy for her to be set up again. Everyone in Kdrama world knows not to touch a dead body or touch anything around it much less get blood on your hands and clothes. I almost abandon this drama over that but I’ll see it through because it’s Kim Ha Neul. Yeah, I’m a fan what can I say?

  2. 5 minutes in and I cannot with the FL omg. I might drop it, pls someone tell me the rest of the episode gets better!!! 😭

  3. There’s a je ne sais quoi that I really like about Jang Seung Jo. I really can’t put my finger on it but he’s an actor that I like a lot, he has impressed me many times and obviously his role in The Good Detective will always remain my favorite. He always has the head of a sleep-deprived guy, it’s so funny.

    Anyway, this drama takes a fairly well-known route by instilling doubt in the viewer’s head about the husband, but I dare to hope that the writer will surprise us in the end. I mean the husband who kills his mistress for fear of being caught, it’s too obvious and it’s frankly not fun.

  4. I am curious about Zeus, her shadow hacker / informant. Is he also a victim, is he connected to her father? In any case, the assemblyman knew her father and it won’t be a surprise if he ordered the killing.
    The husband denied being in relationship with the actress. Since she was obsessed with him, he blocked all her messages and haven’t seen her since 1 year. However, he has a second phone registered under his publishing corporation with an extensive phone calls with the actress.
    The necklace he offered his wife is missing…..
    The assemblyman told Jung Won that she married the wrong man….

  5. looking into his eyes I don’t know what to think
    He looks clueless but also a tad bit scary.

    what to think ooooooooooooh what to think

  6. This woman don’t have the sense of a turnip🤦🏽‍♀️
    She found the skanks body and then took pictures of it then left and was seen by someone in the building.🙄