Goryeo-Khitan War (2023) Episode 27

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  1. I was desperately waiting for this episode.
    The situation is still way out of control, forcing the Emperor to pay respect to the Kithan Emperor with the intention to keep him hostage there.
    As I thought, the Emperor is planning to wipe out all the traitors on the way. Gen Ji is a fighting beast, hopefully the Emperor’s plan will succeed…..

  2. Goryeo-Khitan War?!

    It makes no sense for the traitors to go with the king to pay homage, especially the leader. Another thing that doesn’t make sense is the king going based on a promise not to harm the vessels. He made that promise before and broke it, plus he can do whatever he wants regardless.

    I think they went too far with this coup for dramatic purposes and now to clean it up for the focus to be on the war, there are a lot of loopholes.

    Still by far the best drama of the year.