Amidst a Snowstorm of Love (2024) Episode 16

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  1. he has made a comeback but he has to adjust his emotions! that club owner was right u cant win all time! this boy is proud and his comeback is after years of practice but still he has to adjust to mindset! he may fall into a slump now…he got lot of good people who support him and he cant burn himself losing his health

  2. His club bro, his bestie and her bro are truly his best supporters since the beginning till now, including his girl now. Aside from the cutest and fluffiest love line here im also loving their bromance and friendship.

  3. Brother is their biggest fan! Yes he selfishly wants him to come back professionally, but that’s because he knows how good he is and would be a waste of his talents if he didn’t. He also knows he’s a great guy, and for that he’s cheering on his sister’s relationship. Now it’s time to get the parents on board.