Amidst a Snowstorm of Love (2024) Episode 12

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  1. They are a whole mood… I love the way he holds her hands any chance he gets. No matter where they are or whose around he’s got us swooning with the way he looks at her.

  2. sit down chengyan, you dont stand a chance.
    HE fell in love at first sight with her
    HE is the one pursuing her
    HE travels 13 hours weekly just to see her
    HE overcome his pride/trauma to watch her play live

  3. Ohmygosh Wu Lei u’d b the death o’me!😝😭🤣 Jin Mai u lucky gal u 😘 the way he gazes at her.. the way he speaks.. am melting in a puddle of goo here.💜

  4. OMG this is the best series I’ve watch for awhile that I am loving it everything about it. So far it’s perfect love FL and ML they perfect she’s going to make him play again. Anything for LOVE

  5. looks like he is too tired going up and down after her met her …saving money for his dates with her…ah she got a rival and his crush and fan list is much more lol her anxiety to know about that other gal was too much a worry until his friend and himself cleared it…finally he is back to where he should belong…looks like he left the ground too early and now she makes him come back…

  6. Lin Yi Yang is just the most perfect boyfriend everrrrrr!!! He put aside his pride and everything just to come for her! Can her even get more perfect😭😍