Amidst a Snowstorm of Love (2024) Episode 14

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  1. The scenes are very realistic in this day and age. Young couples are very passionate and express their love openly and honestly. I have to give it to Yin Guo for exercising great control and discipline. The intense character of Yi Yang is portrayed brilliantly by this actor. There are two actors I can think of when playing a character like this: Leo and Li Xian. However, Leo is more classy intelligent.

  2. Just kill single people with romantic travel date. Why I am enjoying like I am there with them. Wow the places they went is really beautiful. I wish a travel partner like him and lots of food to eat. 😋

  3. They keep calling me single in thousand languages. They really doing the whole pda thingy even in front of their close friends wo getting embarrassed 😂 feel like a third wheeler everytime lol🥹🥹 finally yinguo knows his backstory, his story was just sad and emotional. He was just a kid, trying to survive alone.