Wedding Impossible (2024)

Wedding Impossible (2024)

Other name: 웨딩 임파서블 / 웨딩임파서블 / Wedingimpaseobeul / Weding Impaseobeul / Свадьба невозможна / الزفاف المستحيل

Synopsis: Na Ah Jeong, a talented but unrecognized extra actress, is struggling with a stagnant dating life due to her difficult reality. Her long-time friend, Lee Do Han, is the heir of a wealthy chaebol family and is being pressured to get married. However, Do Han has a secret that prevents him from marrying. In a desperate attempt to appease his family, Do Han asks Ah Jeong to act as his wife and daughter-in-law. Despite her initial hesitation, Ah Jeong agrees and prepares for her first leading role as Do Han’s wife. But their plans are disrupted by the arrival of Do Han’s younger brother, Lee Ji Han, who has ambitions of his own. Ji Han attempts to sabotage his brother’s wedding and brings Yoon Chae Won into the mix as a potential bride. Based on the webtoon “Wedding Impossible,” this drama follows the twists and turns of Do Han and Ah Jeong’s fake marriage as they navigate through their complicated family



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  1. So Kim Do Wan will be the second lead??? I want to see him so bad as a main lead. I’m still looking forward to it