Wedding Impossible (2024) Episode 12

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  1. I might be the only one who thinks this way whole drama is boring at first two three EPs was good but then it went total downfall. Did it got up from it? No.
    Actors were amazing they did a great job. But the storyline shitty as hell. Random wattpad writer who isn’t even 18 yet will write something better. Only reason I watched the last ep cos of my babies. Director really need do some work in progress. Ruined a drama that could be such an art of story.

  2. I suspected someone was in the car with the reporter that caused the mum’s accident but I thought it was grandad. I really like the twist of having it be the dad.

    It’s crazy that the one person who is actually guilty of the mum’s death and should feel guilt is the only one who doesn’t feel guilty and is living so shamelessly.

    I still don’t know what the deal was supposed to be with the brother’s gay lover. What was the point of him? What was the point of inserting him in the plot and having him be menacing to have it all fizzle to nothing??

    Up until around episode 9, I really liked the acting/vibe of the FL and though it fit the role but once things ramped up a bit, her ‘energy’ seemed a bit flat in comparison to the events of the last four episodes. I was kinda hoping to see more emotion/emotive acting from her. She felt really flat from episodes 9-12.

    Interestingly, although I know the circumstances of how the leads got together, I think the ‘cheating’/betrayal still left a bad taste in my mouth. You could argue that technically they all had no right to be mad at each other and since the marriage was fake, the FL didn’t actually have cheating intentions and since the ML knew his brother was gay, neither did he. BUT the whole thing still felt underhanded and like a betrayal.

    Grandpa’s reasoning for why he was so cold towards ML was because he couldn’t face him without feeling guilty. I figured that his reasoning would be due to guilt so that didn’t surprise me. And the heart to heart he had with the ML where the ML told him he also felt guilty and like he was to blame for his mother’s death was something I theorised a few episodes back (so again, not a surprise). It was good to see that their relationship got better.

    Good to see that the character who was in love with the ML didn’t turn evil but remained classy to the end. And to be fair I think she upgraded. That guy on the last blind date was FWOINE. 🥵🫠🤭

    Do-Han, though he did the right thing in the end, he still ran away instead of facing the aftermath of everything he made public and only returned once things died down. Still, I give him credit for not staying away. The old him would have. He returned so that’s progress.

    Probably one of the most underwhelming finales. Almost all of the plot points were left without adequate closure or quickly wrapped up. If this is what 12 episode k-dramas are going to be like (and it looks like it is), I rather go back to 16 episode dramas that have too many filler episodes and drag because at least the endings feel fuller and more complete.

  3. Very happy to see this drama, I liked it from start to finish and the comments made it very entertaining.

  4. its a last minute happy ending but still the ending was cute and the cameos surely blow my mind tho we got a 1 year gap jump breakup also got clown but atleast a happy ending
    the last episode gave all the fluff and romance, jihan drunk scene, baby jihan and jealous jihan, we got a peck, hugs, a cheek kiss, a forehead kiss and a longer meaningful passionate kiss scene

    “no matter what i look like, no matter what the situation is…
    i know you’re always there for me
    with you,i can really be me
    and i love you bcs of that” 😭💕
    i will miss my annoying, childish yet charming ahji couple. them wearing a suit and a wedding dress under the rain is so beautiful. all the shots and cinematography is so gorgeous and unreal

    did y’all see jeon jeongseo real life boyfriend director lee chunghyun special appearance to support his girlfriend. we love a supportive boyfriend also not him scolding his gf cuz wasn’t able to shoot properly lol and her saying sorry

    lol not jihan is surprised and hurt hearing that ahjeong will have a kissing scene on that set. then ryu kyungsoo arrived and he’s being salty, whining to know it’s him then ahjeong calls him oppa so gets more jealous.

    lol kimbum’s cameo character is a love interest for chaewon also he is so unserious like him irl
    as soon as he sat down he introduced himself, “i am min taehan. 34 years old, 180cm tall and weighing 70kg.
    like some sorta pageant introduction and “i missed you one year ago, so i can’t miss you again. love needs to win” he’s flirting level.

    “how did you know it was me just by looking at my back?”
    “well, I’m not sure. it’s been quite a while since I have crush on you, that’s why.”
    “since 3 hours ago you mean?”
    “no, since your wedding day”
    “it’s been a long time since i fall for you” uff kim bum although we got yoon chaewon and min taehan endgame. i’m requesting kim bum to please accept romance genre sooner.

    lee soo hyuk’s cameo as ahjeong’s costar in a marriage scene 💗 man he’s so freaking handsome
    i thought it’s jihan and ahjeong wedding.. turns out its just for drama scene
    we are all just a bunch of clowns atp 😂😂 so this is THE lee soohyuk cameo we’ve been waiting for for just this little screentime and then it’s suddenly raining and jihan came and grabbed her hand to run with him lmao

    p.s- i’m sad they didn’t gave a love interest for dohan, boy deserved one

  5. Great job, self! The moment you decided to ignore the plots was a very great choice indeed.

    Now goodbye, thanks for something light to watch and forget.

  6. It’s Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Bum 😱😱 Best cameo plus Song Joong Ki for “Queen Of Tears” 💝💝

  7. In some angles, Moon Sang Min, really looks like Oh Sehun. Or is it just me because I miss Sehun so much

  8. I clearly didnt like it .It was ok in the beginning but then suddenly it went rlly bad ! it was ok that it ended on happy note but why all grandchilderen ate without ml ?? all of grandchilderen should have apologised to him bcs of abuse that he has been getting for years from them and why did grandpa gave that company to his secretary?? He should have gave ml a lot of his assets bcs grandpa should feel sorry for abusing him for years . clearly nonsense …..
    and what ? srsly after such a scandel , she became suddenly famous!speachless!

    and wht was that dramatic running in middle of wedding ???clearly looked like a child show !
    dissaster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    maybe i missed sth cus i watched it fast !but still teribble that granddaughter girl should have been slapped on her face at least at the end!

  9. The drama started out fun and they should’ve kept is slapstick until the end. Being gay in Korea is like being gay in the west in the 80s. People are coming around, and it’s becoming more “acceptable” but there are no protections for gay/lesbian/bi/trans folks. You can legally lose your job and housing with no recourse. You can lose family and people don’t bat an eye for why you have been ostracized. DH and CW had a deep friendship for years and platonic love, they were family. So she would’ve taken marrying him seriously and it should’ve been damn near impossible for JH to lure her away. Especially since he told her he planned to ruin their relationship and they he didn’t actually want her. Add in how cruel he was to her at the beginning and her falling for him makes no sense. He didn’t do anything to win her over, it just reached a point in the drama and the writers were like ok now she loves him.

    Also JH loves his brother. He thought they were a real couple at the start. So his behavior was crazy too. His complete lack of remorse, and then anger instead of relief when he realized he wasn’t stealing the woman his brother loves was off. The two of them acting like they can’t live without the other after a couple of weeks of dating was too much. They also should’ve never had them publicly announce the engagement. It should’ve been misunderstanding after misunderstanding, inlucing JH finding some way to make the press release have his name as the groom to be instead of DH. That way them running off into the sunset together would be plausible.

  10. would’have been better without the 9-10-11 eps and more lovey dovey time but whatever, loved the chemistry and actors !

  11. last episode i smiled ear to ear also happy that they ended up together and LSH, kim bum and kyung soo were good visuals.
    LSH is a greek god 😭

  12. Jihan is sooo BABY, I cannot…

    This show started on such a high that it’s a shame the last couple of episodes didn’t deliver. That being said, I enjoyed this last episode as a wrap up of everyone’s story, as the bigger drama was already covered in ep 11.