Pyramid Game (2024) Episode 6

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  1. I’m wondering why nobody try dig her weakness the witch ,, she dig n knows every body weakness that’s why she can control everyone ,,, as well rich she control the whole school they have to be super alert not only play mindset

  2. Now I’m curious what made Ha Rin go this far…. of course except for the fact that she’s a psychopath who hates it when she loses control. There has to be some motivation she’s fixated on Ja Eun.

  3. I havent been excited about a drama as much as i have with this one .. , For me there hasnt been many good ones this year but Pyramid Game is Top notch .
    and Jang Da-ah is just impressing me every episode .. her Vilain aura is intense..

  4. This show should win awards as so good and so novel! Only four eps to go 🥲. I want the bullying to stop but i also wanna watch more eps!

  5. i feel like Baek Ha Rin was adopted and not really their actual kid. The grandma likes her cus there alike and maybe Ha Rin told the grandmother abt the leverage she has from her father. Also her obsession with Ja Eun is crazy. someone mention she is bullying her cus she was left behind in a fire scene and I believe that theory .. sad Ha Rin is psychotic chess playing teen (which I enjoy watching but feel bad for ppl she crushes) .

  6. No matter how much i hate Harim but we have to agree that this girl pick the pieces pretty quickly, as sooji said she has beauty, status, money and i would add brain too.. Only if she uses it in good things.

    Oh my god we stan savage sooji….the way these 4 are getting at Harim is so satisfying to watch, and not to mention our class idol she is slaying her character… Eun jeong is sexy af… Back to point…. That mousy eun byeol is making me mad but she really did make the game favourable to Harim… But of course sooji caught on to her and its nice to see other students started to get along with jaeun and are not anymore stupid to follow everything the pyramid game is suggesting they are giving their opinion and everything these 4 are saving kids from bullying which is making the kids to build their trust on them…. It will become a huge point for them to destroy this game since they are using everyone’s vote to give punishment now, students will included….

    Harim is adopted i guess or either she changes her name, jaeun mom definitely talked about harim when she said the sowoon was here yesterday…..

    I think the fire scene is related to Harim & jaeun and the person laying in fire is Harim… There is definitely something that jaeun did to Harim unintentionally which makes Harim to get full control on her .

    jaeun is not getting scared and disobeying her is bugging her the most.. And why do i feel and get this feel that Harim was either jealous or mad that sooji knew jaeun house because it makes her feel like that i am not alone who knows about jaeun, their are other people too now and the person who destroyed her well planned script is none other than sooji..

    So now we know why the father and mother kept getting scared from her she is definitely manipulative and threat her father to get her way too.

    Now my favorite thing i noticed in previous episodes that woori’s brother saw yerim photos in woori’s mobile and room….. and the scene where woori’s brother saw yerim in front of convenience store made it clear that his brother knew about her and remembered that she is also a key….. I guess yerim-anti-page is also woori’s…we will get yerim in the plot of woori too….

  7. I have faith in my Soo-ji that she can overcome this crisis :))

    But, ngl, some of the side characters are starting to piss me off more than the main lol…like Eunjeong and Wooyi need to get some self-respect and chill…Dayeon is just psycho atp cause how can someone be this desperate to beat somebody up lol

  8. The most surprising drama of the year so far, didn’t expect it to be this good. Bona, Jang Da-A, Kang Na-Eon are definitely my favourites.

  9. seems that Harin might have started threatening her parents whenever she was denied something. Then she started a habit out of it and now she’s a master manipulator, psychopath. Her own parents despise her so much.

    I was skeptical of Jung Da ah because its her debut. We rarely see people get lead role for a debut but I have to say I’m impressed. She nailed Harin’s character to the t. and Bona, I can finally say now she’s an actress not a idol-actress. There was no awkward acting in the drama even though the majority of the cast is young and rookies.

  10. That PE class scene was by far my most favorites scene. Way to go Sooji!! Crush the pyramid game and that psycho bitch Harin. I love seeing her face getting all hyped lmao😂😂😂

  11. seriously harin isn’t just angry but she seemed to have a mixture of regret and disappointment hearing such an answer from jaeun. she’s nothing but a manipulative bully who is beautiful and from rich houses. hahaha

    “i thought it was a teenage fascination”
    it’s official that eunjeong is a lesbian and she has feelings for yerim
    just stomp all over my heart please NOT THEMMMM…
    yerim didnt have to hurt her like that, the hurt in eunjeong’s eyes and later in yerim’s because she forced herself to do this goodbye world.

    IM CRYINGJDJFBDJ “not so suddenly, wooyi-ah! what if you scare harin?”
    wooyi just stunned into silence after damn sooji hit a nerve!
    everyone’s acting in this scene is so INSANE. suji provoked harin and upset her, then there are wooyi and dayeon who tried to get harin on their side.

    sooji saw that jaeun got hurt trying to fix her sink and went to jaeun’s house to fix the sink for her LMAO it’s cute how sooji shows she cares and worries about jaeun and jaeun is such a precious loser
    sooji cooking for her, jaeun buying different kinds of ramen and all the different ingredients because she didn’t know what suji liked, if this isn’t love then what it is? ahh

    jaeun and harin known each other from their childhood, harin as a child didn’t have the potential to be a psychopath at all. she looked like a bratty rich kid who just didn’t realize it. idk what just happened that she turn to be like this now, how serious would it be to turn a kid like this into heartless psycho baek harin now

    it’s da-ah’s debut in acting but she’s nailing it in every form omg her level
    saying “run away. now’s the time” while smiling with a psychopath tone and lighting that cigarrate is crazy and hot ngl.
    idk harin looks like a jealous little child and when she saw sooji come to jaeun’s house, she got even more angry than before. because it was reduced in importance It’s not just her who knows jaeun well, there’s also sooji coming in and getting to know each other’s house.

    oh my god oh my god my heart skipped many beats, eunjeong was close, THIS SLOW CLOSEUP DRIVING ME INSANE all that carefully deliberate distance between them and eunjeong is just unable to keep away from yerim……yerim telling her “go see a doctor. idiot” and the look on eunjeong’s face GOD

    the protectiveness and devotion between yerim and eunjeong snipes me so bad eunjeong will always lay her life on the line to defend yerim even if yerim tries with all her might to stop her

    p.s- i am just so happy to see their gang, their friendship, it feels like a comfort teenage drama with friendship and love all the 4 are so precious. i happiness for my girls forever please

  12. bro gotta give it to jang da-a, such a great acting . this is her first drama role and she’s definitely killing it !

  13. wow theyre really going off the webtoon and not really mad at all lol
    it makes me curious on what’s gonna happen in the drama

  14. Why do k-dramas have annoying characters now a days? 😡😡😤
    It’s not like she acted well, all she has same god damn annoying expression. Which is super annoying, seriously this girl Ha Rin is bloody psychopath. I really wished someone punch that f****🤬 face

  15. Eun Jung is really.. handsome

    Eun Byul creeps me out LoL. She went from being mousy to someone who’s off-kilter.

    Dang the Jang family genetics ha-ha. Both daughters are stellar in their own paths.. Won Young in K-Pop .. Da Ah in K-Entertainment, Film. Also the actress playing Soo Ji is in same label as Won Young – Starship ent.

    Ha-ha Soo Ji picked Minhyuk, Hyungwon. My faves are Jooheon, I.M. Geez Ha Rin’s own parents can’t stand her either!

  16. I think Ja Eun left Harin in the fire to save herself that is why Harin likes to burn her and i think that might explain the fire scene

  17. Pyramid Game need to be abolished totally cos they can just bully the lowest grade even when there is no grade F people.

    The sidekicks of Harin are so annoying to see, that new conceited deranged grade A girl, Da Yeon and the short curly hair gal 😡

  18. I’ve never loved and hated a character as much as Harin. Soon as I saw her own parents don’t engage with her I just knew she was trouble like big trouble. But Soo Ji is her match so I’m wondering how she’ll counter this move. I want to see how she’ll turn the tides because now I want Da Yeon and Woo Yi to join her since Harin humiliated them. People place Harin on a pedestal because they’re terrified of her not because they like her lmao. NGL though half the time I have to remind myself this isn’t Jang Wonyoung but damn the resemblance is strong and she’s killing this role. I want to strangle her any time I see on screen. Girlie debuted with a bang🥳🥳🥳🥳

  19. Gotta give it to Harin, Girl is quick…
    Now I’m curious about what Jaeun did to her that made her go psycho. But I don’t believe it will be a justifiable reason.