Pyramid Game (2024) Episode 10

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  1. Saving your mistress number under your daughter’s name is a whole new level of “hell-no”

    I would like to see more lead characters written like Soo-Ji. She was a flawed character yet realistic character, she went through a character arc and most importantly she didn’t start off as someone who could take on Ha-Rin but she was smart, learned, and adapted until she became equal matched to Ha-Rin’s character.

    Woo-Ri….. I just wanted to give her a hug. Her brother was such a good big bro.

    All in all, a great look at society and the illusion of democracy as we know it. Pyramid game was for “everyone” but no one really had a choice.

  2. Seemed like most people knew it was a past-bully experience between the two.

    Girl just straight up got disowned 😮

    Ending seems just for the lols, a Season 2 would simply be redundant.
    – Being realistic though, besides your desire to see the cast again, what new “bully trouble” would they be going through if they already gone through it that harsh the 1st time around. What would the be the new “problem solving method” be that they haven’t done already; gain numbers, hacking, spy-cam, record?

  3. this backstory and “Reason” reminded me of “When the weather is fine”, there too Park min young’s character tells her friend about her family matter and the friend promise to not tell anyone but then she ends up saying it because of the false rumours going around in the school about Min young and then Min young becomes a victim of bullying…..u can’t decide who is right and who is wrong in this situation, but still, in that drama, Park min young’s character at least didn’t lie anyone about her family background, which Ha rin did…..and no way anything can justify what she did to others all these years without an ounce of guilt….

  4. I didnt make any comment in any episode because I read the webtoon in the past so I just wanted to see how well they could adapt into Drama.

    The adaptation started well in the first two episodes but the modifications they did during the show are not good Im not going to give spoilers just read the webtoon.
    You guys will see how The main characters lacks compared with the webtoon not actresses fault as 10 episodes / lack of screen time for a few characters is the “problem” here.

    As adaptation I will give a 5/10 the changes they did through the end also the characters are a downgrade from the webtoon like I said before not Actresses fault Harin in particular was more nasty in the webtoon but Jang Da-A did a good job as her debut Drama I really liked the expressions she did.

    The Acting was good in particular I really liked how Hwang Hyun-Jung, Choi Yoon-Seo, Shin Seul-Ki,
    Jang Da-A and Ryu Da-In portrayed their characters 8.5/10.

    if this drama wasn’t a adaptation from webtoon I would give a 8/10 Its a good school drama.
    they could even make season 2 with new story with the twins.

    school dramas/webtoons/Mangas arent something that I watch/read often this one is good also,
    Bitch x Rich is a good one I really like that type of ending.

  5. What happened to Harin during elementary school sure is bad, there’s no denying that. But blaming that for all the bullying she’s done is an ACT OF SELF-PITY and nothing more as Soo ji said.

    This series was a pleasant surprise and I enjoyed my time. It had an open ended so I wouldn’t mind a potential season 2, though the chances are low.

  6. I was surprised that the rich family decided to disown HR and dissolve the adoption, which in reality may never happen, but I liked the way they dealt with her.Very good drama.

    I loved the last few minutes, nice friendly vibes.

    There are always be other psychopaths bullies but there is a way to deal with them.

  7. ahhh i want a second season!!! but the ending was so good im scared they’ll ruin it.. im glad harin got her karma

  8. Im so happy Sooji said what was needed to be said to Harin. Pathetic indeed. Also lmao the ending doesnt seem ominous to me especially since we know theyll shut down the game before it starts- … the abusive dad was let off easy tho fr

  9. What a ride. So HaRin was just taking her childhood trauma out on everybody for no reason.In Sooji’s words: A crazy and pathetic B pulling a victim card. I loved everyones acting, both the good characters and the bad; they made their roles so believable. Lastly i’m glad SooJi’s dad changed for the better at the end.

    I liked how they kept it a open ending almost implying that there are always people who want to expert dominance just due to status. Overall a innovative idea that they turned into an exiting show that had many lessons on how life and society works sometimes (shitty but you need to learn how to deal with it).

  10. Ahh now my thursdays will be too empty. I really liked the webtoon so I was looking forward to the drama. Although they changed the drama quite a bit from webtoon but still it was a enjoyable ride. I will miss them a lot. Also my gurl gyuri cameooo wahh.
    Personally, I liked the webtoon ending more and also I wanted to see the reunion after some years like in the webtoon.

  11. Twisted drama…………..and I LOVED it. 😍 Seeing how broken WooRi was at the end was upsetting. But watching her start to emerge from the abyss felt good to see. Goes to show though…… ALWAYS starts with the adults. Where else do kids get their cues from? To those who have children like me, hell, even if you don’t have kids, it ALWAYS starts with us. Remember that~

    P.S. SooJi DESTROYED HaRin in the end with nothing but truth~