Marry My Husband (2024) Episode 10

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  1. Love this line ” Congratulations for picking up my trash”❀️‍πŸ”₯❀️‍πŸ”₯

  2. Those 3 slaps were amazingg that I had to watch it twiceee. Can’t wait for the next ep to see Sumin suffer in her marriage life

  3. Congrats to the men and women behind the “MMH”. A 10.7% rating (Ep 10) from Nielsen Korea is truly deserved!!!πŸ₯°

  4. I don’t have much time lately to read the comments…but is there someone who diagnosed Su Min? Though I’m not interested about her… I’m still curious if she has some psychological problem…or what’s it called… I’m really wondering how and why…it looked like Ji Won is really important for her…but she still punish Ji Won when she doesn’t get what she wants…she made Ji Won’s high school life hell…and she likes being superior to Ji Won… like she has a servant.

  5. It’s gonna be a long wait again. If you are looking for something else to watch My Boss is surprisingly good.

  6. This drama has been absolute gold. I hope they at least hint at Eun Ho and the sister because I think they are so fkn cute together. I didn’t read the webtoon but thats’ what Im feeling.
    I have loved our villains. They are so great at being crazy. One, violent and chaotic while the other is quiet and methodical. Very interesting how they did that but very fitting. Like recycling meets garbage. Beautiful.
    I am so glad she didn’t kiss Eun Ho. He’s so sweet. I didn’t want his his heart broken.
    So glad she is getting her revenge. Maybe we will get a time skip when when we thinks its over and they will be in a happy future with a family, running around to get dressed for work and soothe the crying baby xD

  7. There’s 6 more episodes, I supposed we need to have 1 more episodes to see Soo Min and Min Hwan together with his abusive parents having a hard and miserable life in poverty. Perhaps 1 episode of Hee Yeon hook up with Eun Ho as well as Joo Ran finally coming out of her shell and become a strong woman who will fight her own battles. The remaining episodes to solely concentrate on Ji Won & Ji Hyuk finally enjoying a good life that both deserves.

  8. Am cheering from my seat with the showdown scene in the office to show the true colours of this disgusting pair!!!

  9. God this drama is good! Whoever did the casting for this drama deserves an award because there have been zero misses with any of the characters. And if Song Hayoon doesn’t win an award for her portrayal of Sumin, it would honestly be a tragedy.
    The thing that keeps tripping me up is the timeline. I keep forgetting that a significant amount of time passes between each event. Jiwon woke up in April and its now Christmas. So a lot of time has passed, enough that her falling for Jihyuk doesn’t seem as abrupt and sudden as it appears. She has had time to get to know and fall for him.

  10. Na Inwoo thaaaat kiss!!!

    Finally this is moving to the best part… I’m dying to see the crazy mom and the crazy wife making a mess

  11. The bad guys, Song Ha-Yoon and Lee Yi-Kyung are really carrying this drama for me. I don’t feel any chemistry between the main leads.

  12. – Sumin has a sick & twisted love/hate for Jiwon. It’s honestly frightening how genuine she is when she says she needs Jiwon & means it, but in a totally unhealthy & unfriendly way.
    – Sumin checking her panties like “I thought I had them on,” when Jiwon ousted Minhwan.
    – Minhwan & Sumin being narcistic even when they shouldn’t is so annoyingly funny.
    – Honestly, Jihyuk cutting the ice cream is something I imagine Inwoo doing. LOL!
    – Eunho is so sweet to take that friend zoning so well. It’s alright Huiyeon is still around.
    – Huiyeon looks quite sexy in that white sweater.
    – Who holds a candy like that? A cool man I guess. LOL!
    – Mr. Lee’s face when Mr. Kim questioned what misogyny means. Dumbfounded.

    Fav quotes.
    – Huiyeon: Are you punishing me? Like in a naughty way.
    – Huiyeon: *cough*what a bastard!*cough*
    – Minhwan: You did nothing when she was hitting me.
    – Jiwon: Jeong Sumin, STOP!!! … Never heard PMY sound so strong before.
    – Jiwon: He asked my about my PRIVATE LIFE first. Hmmm… reference? JK LOL!
    – Jihyuk: Hold on tight & lean on me… WOW! I need to learn how to shoot so I can use that on girls. LOL!

  13. Go on, girl, spend that fine allowance of yours! I really love the build-up to their romance. It’s slow, fluttery, heartwarming, then boom! It makes the kissing even more pleasing and hot.

  14. Looks like Su Min will have to wear that ugly wedding dress…

    I’m a bit scared though, 6 episode left, what will she do once she see Ji Won getting a better man?

  15. I don’t like how they messed up Yangs relationship 😭😭 couldn’t we have just kept their actual skit the same? We don’t always need a jerk or bad mouthed man to be partnered with timid women. Like please…

  16. Tbh, i don’t like the part where Jiwon suddenly a genius in martial art and can easily flipped a grown ass man in a blink. It’s unnecessary and leans more towards stereotypical glow-up plot. That triple (or more?) slaps are fine but judo part is just too much. JW is smart and calculative, she doesn’t need to be physically strong.

  17. So satisfying, the slaps, the ice cream, the Christmas decorations (OMG) all of it! Love love love my girl PMY, heck the whole cast!

  18. Right now I’m just hoping that Manager doesn’t get the stomach cancer…her clutching her stomach this episode was too sus

  19. Omg omg !!!
    The kiss 😘 and the perfect revenge is coming next episode
    And also I love this two, to be a couple 😻 Eun-Ho and The ML sister.

  20. GOODLORD it’s been so so satisfying to watch these last episodes, I feel like it’s healing to see justice, as someone who had such crazy ‘friends’ in the past and me being way too nice to them it’s really healing for me.

  21. finally we got the kiss! I’m so happy, though I wanted ML to initiate it so that he finally fights for what he wants and not what he thinks is the best for FL. Still very satisfying scene. Also in the preview she’s wearing the necklace he bought her. So cute. Aaaaand I’m looking forward to our cutie patoties Eun Woo and Hee Yeon to start their romance 😍

  22. chatgpt, write a script based on a webcomic to make product placements of precooked food products more natural…

    just be honest, young chaebol over a cook, a chef at best, done.

  23. theres 6 more episodes left… both sumin and minhwan already got their karma so im scared what will happen to jiwon in the last remaining eps

  24. What a satisfying episode! Karma for MH n SM, good riddance! She’s a total psychopath!

    Wow that ending scene, what a kiss! That desperation in that kiss. Chef’s πŸ’‹

  25. I think su min basically wants Ji won’s life and if she can succeed her as well. She’s obsessed with a source of hatred.

  26. Another excellent episode. Love the portrayal of Su Min…she’s almost too good. Once again, edge of the seat excitement and having to wait till next week just kills me hahaha. The “next time on” cliffhangers really have me wanting more.

  27. This is the first time I didnt really care about the kiss scene cz the storyline is so good that I fast forward the kiss scene to find out the preview for next week instead!!

  28. Just found out that both lead actress and the actress that plays Sunmi are of the same age, wow and I’ll give it to the actress who played Sunmi, she’s goodπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  29. Panties were thrown 🀣🀣🀣🀣 what I want to know is, when did they start cheating in the previous life? Before or after the marriage.

  30. It was the best episode in my opinion. Trash 1 and Trash 2 finally got what they deserved and they are perfect for each other. I have not giggled or smiled for a while but this episode got me smiling a lot. The audacity and nerve of the harpy to fake Ji won’s writing was maddening but satisfying in the end since she got caught. I never thought that by lying about her pregnancy would end up with her getting a marriage proposal. Min Hwan’s debt, his incompetence and idiocy was hilarious and the way he told Su Min that she isn’t marriage material. Ji Hyeok is such a wonderful, caring and great man. Both him and Ji Won deserve to happy together but since there are 6 more episodes I guess things won’t be that simple.

  31. The scene where Jiwon slapped the soul out of Minhwa was my favourite😍 and the way Yu Ji kissed Jiwon got me all fired up, damn, I spent the last 20 minutes watching that kiss scene over and over and over againπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
    Sweet Lord😍πŸ₯°

  32. Forget Min-Hwan he’s just a user that one but damn do people like Su-min really exist? She’s a very dark and disturbed person μ™€πŸ˜³


  34. OK This was THE best episode so far!!! Ji-Won just handled everything like a BOSS!!! And even things that wasn’t even planned just happen to fall into place for her like how Su-Min got expose as the other woman without J-Won even doing anything. But wow the speed of how fast the news spread through out the company was head spinning. The nicknames Min-Hwa was given was hilarious, The only one I can’t figure out was “Bermuda Park”. I said it last episode, Su-Min is psycho, for a split second she had that homicidal psycho look on her face when Min-Hwa told her to know her place. That slight twitch in the corner of her mouth and that look in her eyes, if it wasn’t for manager Kim going nuts on Min-Hwa, I think he might have gotten killed later. Ji-Won finally goes and use what she knows of Su-Min against her like Su-Min always does to her but to expose Su-Min for her lies. I’m glad Su-Min got let go, she is dangerous. But she lying about being pregnant just made it easier to push Min-Hwa into marrying Su-Min and freeing Ji-Won from her ill fate. But does it save her from being murdered though, like the knee injury it still happen even if it happen some other way. So she might not be killed by Min-Hwa this time but someone else….I hope it doesn’t happen.

  35. i know what has happened will happen but this is a fantasy drama can’t they just make it so no one gets the cancer?! cz its looking like miss pushover will get it and that will be the reason why mr HR suddenly quits like the ml said

  36. πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ”₯πŸ˜‚ this ep. Slap was satisfying. Even the ending. πŸ”₯🀭


  38. The FL pulling up to what looks like her ex’s wedding in that white pantsuit(in the preview) is ice cold. Can’t wait to see her stunt on her at her own wedding; what a beautiful thing we have in store for us.

  39. The cherry on top would’ve been the gossip of her also dating Mr. Kim, why people didn’t gossip about it after all his drama trying to hit the piece of sh*t?

    The pastry first love guy, idk there’s something about him, I don’t know if it is his changing accent but I feel his performance a little meh, is this his first work? is he nervous idk but not very interested on his character, thank god he was turned down today.

    Only six episodes left and two couples haven’t even started flirting yet, when will pushover divorce her piece of trash tumor? because he is not a husband he is a tumor that ruins her life and sucks out her happiness.

  40. Yu Ji Hyuk’s kiss really depicts his longing for her.He bottled up his feelings for so long now he is finally releasing them.uufffff!
    It’s been so long since I’ve been satisfied with a kiss scene.They ate each other up

  41. OMG!!!!! The ending was what we all were waiting for! 😊πŸ₯°πŸ˜

    I’m so glad the plan is finally taking effect and moving in the right direction.

    I can’t believe Su-min had the nerve to forge her handwriting and pull that crap. I’m glad Ji-won finally stood her ground and called her out in front of everyone.
    LOL…Karma is a real b–ch! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    In the novel version the chef ends up with ML’s sister. I’m curious if that will happen in this drama version. I felt bad for him at the end, but we all knew it was coming.

    Looks like the two scumbags will get married in the next episode. I’m curious how she will hide that she isn’t pregnant at all and how it will get discovered that he can’t have kids.

    I hope the ML doesn’t try and push her away after rethinking he might still die and leave her by herself. Boy you already kindled the fire, there is no putting it out now! LOL πŸ˜‚

  42. This actually thought that he was untouchable🀣🀣


    Don’t you just love it when pieces of πŸ’© have their butts handed to them.πŸ˜‚

    yeah pack that sh!t up

  43. What a episode I was like is su min really mad I haven’t read webtoon so i thought she felt sorry and thought she was going to write some suside letter and act sad in front of all but she is fulll one vere level 😏the actress playing the sumin role she is just slayed she is just making me want to slap left and right and the kiss🀌🀌🀌🀌perfect way to end the episode and the preview is don’t know how to express both them entering to marriageπŸŽ‰πŸ”₯πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  44. He claimed the ring was Zirconia, but it wasn’t even that–it was glass. But good symbolism too. Cubic Zirconia wouldn’t shatter since it’s diamond in its purest form, but lab-made.

    So the gastric cancer is visiting the wrong person…?

    it’s a well-known fact that Christmas is considered a romantic holiday in East Asia and then New Years is considered a family holiday… but I thought I would bring it up again.

    BTW, the e-mail in this episode doesn’t lead to anywhere. πŸ˜‰

    Zhao Lu Si said she studied Korean drama kisses for her own dramas, I would say she probably would want to analyze this one. It’s well mapped.

  45. Su Min is a narcissistic psycho!!πŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸ˜ she needs to be locked far, far away.πŸ˜’ Her obsession with Ji Won is disturbing. Why is the company still keeping these 3 clowns!? Mr. Kim, Su Min and Min Hwan – Why..?!πŸ™„πŸ˜€

    Hui Yeon is so adorable!πŸ₯°

    Ms. Yang and Mr. Lee~πŸ’• Aw–Eun HoπŸ₯Ί

  46. I hope they show why Sumin is so messed up as it was shown in the webtoon, the reason why Sumin was acting this way was because her mother abused her whereas Jiwon’s dad showed her all the love and treated her as a loved daughter. Since they’ve been childhood friends, Sumin frequently visited Jiwon’s house and got jealous of how her father treated her, and didn’t blame his child for the mess. That’s probably one of the main reasons Sumin wants everything that Jiwon deserves.

  47. Firstly, park min youngs outfits are always giving. Secondly while two of them are recklessly romancing I hope that candle is electric not real fire. And thirdly run over the cat trade one of its nine life’s for urs Yoo JiHyeok. Lastly, Sumin is really psychotic.

  48. this episode got me kicking my feet, the way FML just kept slapping him and panties park’s face in front of all those people i can’t wait till next week’s episode the preview of the FML saying “congrats on picking up my trash” is going to be such an iconic scene his face😭 this kissing scene got me giggling

  49. ok where is the location of this fictional office where all this juicy drama keeps going down? cz i too would like to apply for a job there

  50. I’ve been waiting until enough was established in the story for me to form an opinion. Now that we’re over half way through I think they’ve laid enough groundwork for me to have an idea about where they’re going with this.

    Mostly I was waiting to see how and if the changes and additions alter the story. Namely, the leaning into Su-min being psychotic instead of the bratty run-of-the-mill evil friend she comes across as in the webtoon. In the webtoon she was fuelled mostly by jealousy and anger and her actions reflected that. Here she is fuelled by both jealousy and an obsessive attachment to Ji-Won. She believes Ji-Won belongs to her and what Ji-Won has she must have also. Again, in the webtoon this was portrayed as jealousy/frenemy vibes (think Mean Girls). In this drama it’s heavily portrayed as a mental illness/obsession. The good thing is they’re still managing to bring this back to set narrative points and if I’m being honest; I like that this gives the story a bit more meat on its bones.

    Another change are the changes made to Miss Yang and Mr Lee’s characters. This revision along with the tweak to Su-Min’s character changes the tone slightly. I wasn’t sure where they were going with it as I could see that some further changes in the narrative would be needed in order to make it work. After this episode they’ve alleviated my concerns. To put it simply, the changes in one character complements the changes in another. For example, Miss Yang’s character has been made more pitiful (like past life Ji-Won 2.0). Coupled with the changes to Mr Lee’s character, I can see why they made these changes. These revised versions complement each other and elevate the story.

    I’m content with this adaptation so far. My only critique would be that in the webtoon the FL had a lot of β€˜little wins’ leading up to the big wins and it made her revenge all the more satisfying. From the moment she came back to the past she had win after win after win. Although the wins that the FL has had in this drama version are very satisfying, it doesn’t feel as satisfying overall as the antagonists have had far too many β€˜wins’ in this adaptation for my liking.

  51. I didn’t read the webtoon, So I didn’t know what kind of build up the series has.
    at first I tough FL are weak willed, and has low mentality. but it’s all are intentional, for this week episode, FL hitting them hard to the rock bottom.

  52. Woww this episode was explosive!! It was soo satisfying to see those 3 slaps which will go down in kdrama history! the cheating couple going through shame with everyone gossiping about them. Also the ending with the kiss couldn’t have been any better, finally our FL has reciprocated the feelings. This epsiode really can’t be missed and i’m also excited for the next one; the wedding scene, FL and ML romance

  53. I like how they changed up the storyline of the Webtoon a bit. This episode was so good that I was screaming crying throwing up. Nothing makes a boring Tuesday better than some revenge haha. I am so excited for the next part.

  54. I really hate Jung Soo-Min as a character. But Song Ha Yoon the actress is amazing. I hope she will keep getting cast in good projects. I want to see more of her acting.

  55. It was satisfying to see things go downhill for the three of them, but knowing how crazy Su-min is, I was getting more and more worried for Ji-won’s safety coz who knows what else she would do. Glad Ji-won has already moved out by now. Everything was well-planned. She moved out at the right time, right after cutting ties with them, so it would be harder for them to stalk her.

    And seriously, I LOVE how Ji-hyuk expedited Min-hwan’s wedding with Su-min!! HAhahahaah that was smart. No matter how Min-hwan was reluctant to marry Su-min, now he’d wanna get married to pay his debt.

    This week’s episodes are thriving and it makes me so happy. So glad to see Ji-won happy and I hope things will only get better for her now. Please. :(( Aahhhh I really love how Ji-won got herself real friends now like Hui-yeon, Ms. Kang, and Eun-ho. Also can’t wait to see Eun-ho’s loveline with you-know-who!! Webtoon readers have been sharing it and it got me excited so I really hope it happens in the drama too. I do wonder if anything’s gonna go on between Ms. Kang and Mr. Lee though. Even if nothing happens between them, I SERIOUSLY want Ms. Kang to divorce that pos.

    So looking forward to next week’s episodes!!!! Lolol LOVE her choice of that white outfit!!!! It just screams “Winner”. Oh, I also love how Hui-yeon referred to Min-hwan and Su-min as trash and trashcan. Hahahaha.

  56. So we all hate the cheating ex right? But after he got those rightly deserved three slaps, I just had that one sound bite jump in my head…the one that starts off with a normal gwenchana and then repeats it, slowly getting less ok, until it’s a very sad gwenchana πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  57. I have never been so exited by seing next week episode. I have absolutely nothing to say against this drama. The webtoon was good, but those actors brought it to live. Even those little changes made from the webtoon make sense and it seems more realistic. even the Relationships, pushed a bit quick in the manga, are smoother here. Some characters may become more dangerous soon, and I’m not talking about the best friend and ex only.

    The actors are amazing and very hot (even the ex, played by Lee Yi Kyung, in picture)

  58. I’m so happy with this episode, but on the other hand I realized there is still 6 whole episodes to go…I want smooth sailing for our time traveling duo, but this is a kdrama, so who knows what will happen?

  59. Someone get me a green flag like Jihyeok. Like even with his sister. Eating his feelings and cutting the ice cream like thaf 🀣🀣🀣

    Minhwan (aka Panty Park): Jiwon’s mad because she loves me the most. Let’s just let her go
    Meanwhile Jiwon & Jihyeok:

  60. Awww I felt poor Eun Ho’s heart break in a million pieces when she said he was a great friend. He is so honest with his feelings, they are written all over his face even though he was trying to hold them back. 😭😭😭

  61. Love the every bit of this episode πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»β€¦. That was a hawttttttttt kiss

  62. i am regretting not waiting for all episode to be released this is so much better they are wrapping everything so nicely i just dont want male lead to hold back or break up because of the thing that he is going to die he get this one and only second chance and he should live it to the fullest πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  63. As much as I hate her character and totally agree with the name ‘scumin’ I can’t deny she is an amazing actress and very beautiful

  64. THE MOST SATISFYING EPISODE EVER!!! The more satisfying part is the wedding✨✨ Can’t wait for the next week’s episode!
    Idk guys episode by episode su min becomes more scary for me..idk why..I have read the webtoon there she is more crazy but here she is psychotic! And the last part OMGGGGGGGG!
    Like why did they cut off the episode there😭 That’s soo meannnn!

  65. omg how does su-min think ji-won will talk to her if she is pregnant for her ex and and he cheated on her with su-min like what is this logic and im loving their downfall its their own fault

  66. This was beyond satisfying… The Slap, Her throwing the engagement ring, Su-Min and her cheating boyfriend getting humiliated publicly… All of that in one episode πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  67. YOOOO im kicking my legs so hard bc of the last scene guysss <33333 that was intense omg Jihyuk 😳πŸ₯΄

    also Jihyuk when he was shooting the guns, man, its so damn hot πŸ₯΅

    lmao when Jihyuk cut the ice cream in half literally, that was so damn hilarious 😭

    i just discovered that the ring was fake and aint diamond bc it shattered instantly (new fact ig, i didnt pay attention in science class), thats why i was confused about the throwing ring scene, i thought they wanted to show how badass my queen Jiwon is

    Seems like Ms Yang has gastric cancer as it was transferred to her from FL
    Rooting for Ms Yang & Mr Lee
    also huiyeon & eunho <3 both are such sunshines

    dang Sumin is so damn creepy, when she was kneeling to apologize, she was lowkey smiling creepily like she got something up her sleeves, it was actually scary and unpredictable
    but alas, trash belongs with trash, cant wait to see the 2 trashes get married and suffer miserably πŸ₯³

  68. I slowed down the speed to x0.5 to witness all the slaps and the ring throwing.
    With that I watched it 5 times in slow-mo & 3 times in 2x speed too. ASMR for my heart.

    The ring was fake just like his emotions.

  69. I love these scenes! Jealousy incarnate eating ice-cream πŸ˜€

    And JiWon’s fantasy about Ji Hyuk…he really looks gorgeous when he smiles!

  70. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the wedding scene is in the next episode. Can’t wait to see the downfall of the trash couple. Sumin’s face when she realizes she picked up what Jiwon threw out. And the attitude of Min Hwan and his parents after marriage!!!!!!!

  71. these tiny little interactions of theirs are so romantic, at least to me😊😊…..but I obviously want them to have some real serious romance….

    It was almost as if I found out my crush likes me back haha
    Omg I love love love them soooo much
    And I love love love loveee this drama
    They’re so cute 😭 I’d literally die to see them together all the time they’re amazing
    And HAHAH the revenge 🀌🀌 loved it
    Honestly watching waikiki and then now this I kinda was rly confused
    Man he’s a great actor but I can’t see him as a jerk rn 😭 but whatever it is he freakin deserved it and brooo what’s wrong with sumin omg tfffff she has lost it
    And welllll eun ho is such a cutie I wish for him and my favvv character heeyeon to get together soon because they’ll be absolutely perfect

  73. Park min young can have chemistry even with a tree.

    they looked gud too…❀️β™₯️β™₯️

  74. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    The best so far, it had revenge, drama, funny scenes and the KISS. Like whoever directed this drama, man you deserve and award and a kiss too LOL.

  76. I didn’t even finish watching, but my mouth was wide open when she pulled the panties out πŸ˜…πŸ˜…..

  77. To be honest, the actress playing Jeong Sumin is killing it, I love all the other cast members. But holy shit! Jeong Sumin… The deranged and borderline psychopathic behavior and they way she plays it is really nice. I mean, even though Minhwan has the more comical bad personality, its Sumin who had to act more evil and you can see it in her eyes. Also the way she slightly puckers her lips in an effort to act cute is kinda worth admiring, cuz I think very few people can do that without looking cringy.
    Besides she’s also beautiful, I just wish they could give her hair more volume. I mean Minyoung is a beauty, you know I know everyone knows, but can we just put aside a moment for how beautiful Sumin’s actress is

    This of course had nothing to do with the character Sumin, but rather the actress Song Hayoon, I hope I can see her in future projects, because crucify me for this, but I kinda enjoy seeing her on screen better than Minyoung.

  78. I was just weighing who should I give more score for being evil – Sumin or Park Min Wan??? . But then I though who cares, why bother weighing trash.

  79. Today’s highlight is hui yeon coughing “what a basterd” 🀣 she’s my absolute favourite like such a cute sunshine!!!

  80. Yes, this was an exciting episode for us☺️ but I’d like to give a shout out to Ms. Pushover Yang and Mr. Hardass Lee and their quiet moment in the filing room.. hope they end up together, MsPushover needs him and I think he really likes herπŸ€”


  82. I have watched a lot of kdramas, but I don’t remember a single one giving me this much of a satisfaction 😌 on someone’s revenge and it’s not even done, there’s more to come 😎.
    Rofl 🀣 🀣 🀣, his scenes were hilarious. A good comedic relief amidst all the chaos.
    Well that was quite a tight verbal slap.
    Please say this to your husband also and leave him asap.
    It takes a lot of courage to accept who you really are and to be comfortable with it. So proud of her. Once again these two gave us a cool scene and this time it was Mrs. Yang joo ran 😊.

  83. Wait jiwon mom was a home wrecker and was with sumin dad jiwon ended up with her father and sumin her mother but sumin mother abused her and blamed her for why her dad cheated but in no way does this justify anything but is that the real excuse sumin is like that it makes no sense to me

  84. im really rooting for joo-ran unnie to get rid of her trash husband and finally get with suk-joon, also im devastated because it seems the cancer is transferred to joo-ran and not sumin TT

    the lobby scene was so satisfying, like yesss jiwon drag that ho and make her kneel!!!! seeing minhwan and sumin together is so funny to me because its literally manipulator vs manipulator, and they’ll literally manipulate each other to their demises and I cannot WAIITTTT

  85. This episode had me rooooolllllling and screaming. Omg

    First of all Bermuda Park, all what you said needs to be internalized!

    I’m laughing so hard! GUUUUURRRRLLLLL

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