Cherry Magic (2023)

Cherry Magic (2023)

Other name: 30 ยังซิง / 30 Yang Sing / Cherry Magic Thailand / 30, Still a Virgin

Synopsis: Achi is an ordinary employee at a stationary company. He’s still single, still a virgin. When he turns thirty, however, he’s shocked to find he’s developed the power to read people’s minds when making physical contact. He attempts to avoid contact with anyone, but it gets worse when Achi accidentally reads the mind of Karan, his most handsome, perfect colleague. He learns that this good-natured, smiley guy is falling for him. Following this incident, he does his best to keep his distance in order to nip Karan’s feelings in the bud.
(Source: Thai = GMMTV)
Adapted from the manga series “Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!” (30歳まで童貞だと魔法使いになれるらしい) by Toyota Yuu (豊田悠).
Episodes: 12



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  1. I’m just wishing the same way Tay and new are working on this new series, we could also get mew and gulf in another bl series, may it come true.

  2. In the place they like to play, I doubt cherry will ever being seen!!!! Supposed to be called bxxt magic? Dumb magic, but cherry? what a joke and so gross!

  3. they are back again….i think it’s their fate to be together….their carrier will gown down if they’re not together…fufufufu

  4. I can’t fathom that GMMTV didn’t discuss, with whoever was the Japanese representative, everything that was necessary for the series to be aired normally. How are we going to watch the show now??? I waited for this series for so long!!!! And now!!! And those Japanese laws are just too strict! Like, wouldn’t all of them benefit from international watchers and gaining international recognition??? Hope they find a way to solve all this. I am really sad, and tomorrow is Christmas! 🙁

  5. apparently an announcement was made today, that due to a copyright issue (recall or cancelation) this show will no longer be available for inter fans until further notice….waaahhhh

  6. I was like this sounds familiar, but I watched the japanese drama.. so I’m curious watching the thai version..

  7. watched 1st part of ep 1 , i didnt want to compare i knew they wont live up to the Japanese one, but i couldn’t help it

    anyway highly recommend watching the japanese version before this if anyone didnt watch it dont spoil the plot with this 1st

  8. Do u guys like how I am frustrated wait for you all to release something ,any thing so I can watch 😤😤😤😤 can wait any longer some release dates are just to far😭😭😭😭😭😭


    Please please this better be good or I’ll burn Thailand. Tay and New make a really good couple, they have great chemistry and both are really good actors. I just hope they keep that essence that makes this manga an iconic piece of art. Whenever this comes out, I’ll be waiting patiently 🤓👍

  10. Wow! Can’t wait for TayNew tandem on this series. The Japanese adaptation was one of the good Bl series of 2020. Really excited to see this Thai version soon.