Cherry Magic (2023) Episode 10

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  1. There’s absolutely no need for such a saying when it comes to Karan. His fondness for Achi is always HIGHer than most & Achi is his main priority. Even Achi knew this temp distance plan would fail 🤣😂🤣 poor K. However, am glad that it’s not so one-sided anymore. With time Achi is now showing through his actions, just how much he cares for Karan too. 🤭🍒💗 He exceeded himself on that surprise 👀💅 About time he planned something romantic ahead. Karan deserves it all that and more.

    PS: Achi has the best trio of helpers 💗 one simple request, and they make way to do it even if they have to kidnap Karan. 🤣 Even though Rock found out the obvious only now he still helped along. I guess him and Pai are really suitable for each other huh 😌

    Jinta is such a jelly chaotic & yet supportive boyfriend 🤣 poor Madam Noi, she suffers.

    The one suffering the most to get his feelings known in any possible confession is Rock. Susu na, next week is the Day for confession. All I can say is FINALLY when it does.

  2. Waw this episode was crazy good, love how Achi recreates the special trip to Loy Krathong, also Jinta organizing the fandom for Min, love it, because those are clearly love manifestations, it’s beautiful and all the lessons in this episode are priceless, love as always the difference between the adaptations, I need to read the comic!

  3. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
    It is fair to say my night was made and I enjoyed today’s episode. Achi and Karan are just perfect.

  4. Jinta 1000% the bf I wish I had lol, Love his character in this series more than the Japanese adaptations, even tho I do love him in those ones too. Every time they call him uncle I feel more and more ancient.

  5. How beautiful it is to go from the simplest of worlds to a world full of imaginary, dreams, magic and surprises!!! That’s love!!!
    Glad Achi also surprised Karan for a change.
    This series once again, can make you feel alone if you are single hahaha 😆 Jinta! Jinta! made me laugh so much! 😂 With his glasses, it reminded me of “My beautiful Man Eternal” when Hira was spying on Kiyoi with his beret and sunglasses.
    Two more episodes and the end??? I’m crying 😭 already
    It’s not easy to watch this series on Saturday but I’ll be here until the end of it !!hehehehe.

  6. SPOILER… Ugh! There sure are a lot of demanding bosses and workloads getting in the way of our MLs in these BLs, lately😏 Work obligations truly suck!😔 But it’s often the realities of being young, trying to establish yourself professionally and adding finding the right person to be with to the mix and it’s so stressful, I still remember😭 It requires understanding the pressures and trying not to take things personally when they can’t be there for you romantically. Honestly, they could just have planned to take a big couple’s trip after the new branch was up and running, from the start. It could give them something to look forward to – a big reward with the person you love. And like they ended up doing – made their own Loy Krathong day when it suited them❤️ It’s the feelings and sentiment of the day that matters, not the day itself. The issue is they don’t have relationship history yet and Achi especially doesn’t have any previous relationships and experience to know what to do. His doubts got in the way😔
    But thank goodness for meddling friends, colleagues and neighboring aunties🙌🥳 Rock’s “huh?!” And other cluelessness had me rolling – oblivious much?! Haha!🤣🤣
    I’m still loving the cuteness, sweetness and wholesomeness of this series and that their miscommunication seems to be resolved in a reasonable way and in a reasonable time frame🥰
    Side note: I get the reason why some people want to “practice” a separation period in a relationship but instead they should just be making the best out of the time they have together being inseparable before they can’t. And especially when it’s only 1 month…
    Jinta’s overreaction and jealousy of ShayMin was too funny. Poor guy never has been in love before and 2 seconds later a love rival imposed by online fans. The moral of the story, stay off the internet kids and the “shipping” business, kidding😉 Lol! But it was great how Jinta came with some words of wisdom, along with the fans when Min needed it most🥰
    Rock and Pai are still trying to sail, and that preview looks promising🙏
    P.S. But seriously, all those fears both main couples had, were so relatable especially for first time love. The reassurances from especially Karan were the absolute sweetest. I loved that Achi also got to show and display his affection at the end, like Karan has been doing for a while now. They’re so open with their doubts, fears and concerns – so refreshing❣️

  7. This episode, both couples deal with separation issues.

    😆 Karan finds any excuses to visit Achi.

    Jinta couldn’t last a day without seeing Min. 😆

    Of all that’s going on, I got emotional along with Min when his group didn’t make the cut to debut.

    🫶 I was just happy that Jinta and the fans cheer Min up and give him hope. 👏