Blossoms in Adversity (2024) Episode 27

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  1. Yanxin gives hugs like a friend, yes they kissed once, but he always kisses her on the forehead, how annoying! This is what a father does to his child to show surety and endearing love, a boyfriend is not supposed to kiss his girl on the forehead!

  2. I immediately figured out who the kid was! Go me!

    Also Fudong and the restaurant manager loo cute together. There are so many cute couples in this show that I really makes me hope nothing bad happens to any of them.

  3. Hua Zhi keeps collecting Yanxi’s family members one by one !! What’s next ? Saving the emperor himself from a cliff lmaooo

  4. I just feel like they overdid Fudong’s father’s stupidity.
    It would have made more sense for him to sell her normally then buy carmel with part of the money.
    How can the man just exchange her for a carmel

  5. Hua Zhi has a knack for finding stray kids of the royal family. 🥲1st was Yanxi’s younger sister now her younger cousin..hope the family wont get into trouble helping the 6th Prince .
    and it seems like our Hua Family little Ms Chef might become Mrs Bai.. hope they both have a chance of romance Fudong deserves it too..

  6. She keeps finding his family members and rehabilitating them she’s like a shelter for stray royal family members but only the good ones haha

  7. so the prince is a beggar in hid now! poor kid is so much traumatized and now is in safe hands! that CP will be dead when the emperor wakes up for sure!