You are My Heartbeat (2022)

You are My Heartbeat (2022)

Other name: จังหวะหัวใจนายสะอาด / Jangwa Hua Jai Nai Saat / Mr. Clean Heart Beat

Synopsis: Sira, a diligent businessman, despises deceit and filth, but finds himself entangled with Keetika, a cunning designer who has a strained relationship with her mother, Parin. This is due to Parin leaving her father for Papop, the owner of a prominent garment-textile company. This creates frequent conflicts between Keetika and Chanaratee, Papop’s daughter.

Sira, who was adopted by Premyuda as a child, works tirelessly to help her daughter, Sasa, who has a troublesome reputation. He enlists the help of Keetika, Sasa’s ex-partner, unaware that Premyuda was the reason for their breakup. As they work together, Sira and Keetika develop romantic feelings for each other.



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