Wonderland (2024)

Wonderland (2024)

Other name: 원더랜드 / Wondeolaendeu / Страна чудес

Synopsis: “Wonderland” is a simulated universe that offers a chance for people to reconnect with loved ones they can no longer interact with in the real world. Jung Yu Mi and Choi Woo Shik’s characters are in control of all events in this simulated reality. Suzy and Park Bo Gum portray a young couple, but when Park Bo Gum’s character falls into a coma, Suzy’s character desires to meet him in Wonderland. Gong Yoo, a husband in his 40s, is deeply grieving the loss of his wife Tang Wei, as is their child who still longs for their mother. In search of closure, Gong Yoo’s character also requests a reunion in Wonderland. The drama, directed by Kim Tae Yong, runs for 1 hour and 53 minutes and is recommended for viewers aged 15 and older.



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  1. Choi woo shik or gong yoo may appear as cameos here. Sometimes they do that. They also include famous cameos in the actors list.

  2. Omg Daebak, take me to Wonderland with PBG and Suzy.
    Can’t wait for this amazing Rom/Sci-fi story.

  3. I can wait. @dramacool, It is November already! Please please please get me out of my misery 😅😂😜

  4. There are a lot of heavyweight actors here, my expectations for this are high since Gong Yoo is making an appearance he never chooses bad projects🥰🤞

  5. My baby Gong Yoo is back and I am here for the rest of the cast PBG and CWS. The plot sounds amazing too.

  6. The cast is so amazing, they are versatile in playing multiple roles even villains. I like actors who are able to play different type of roles and genre instead of always being Prince Charming. Will be waiting patiently for this .

  7. I cannot believe my eyesssssssss. Park bo geum oppa! I just heard he had officially finished his 2 years service and was just checking if IF there was any hope of a drama within this year. It was absurd to even think it. But here we are!!!!!!