Who’ll Stop the Rain (2023)

Who’ll Stop the Rain (2023)

Other name: 青春並不溫柔 ; Qing Chun Bing Bu Wen Rou , Ching Chun Ping Pu Wen Jou , 青春并不温柔

Synopsis: ​Set in 1994, in the midst of student protests, “Who’ll Stop the Rain” cuts to the heart of a Taiwan still adjusting to its post-martial law reality.

Wei, a freshman studying Fine Art, joins the student strike of her department demanding the right to freedom of expression. But the student campaign is opposed by a power-hungry Head of Department and a university insistent on obedience above all else. Determined Wei, quickly rises through the campaign committee, led by the charismatic Guang and enigmatic Qing. As passionate protest inflamed personal desires, a chemistry formed between Wei and Qing. But as the strike hits a stalemate and Guang also shows a romantic interest in Wei, she begins to realize that the fight for creative freedom is really a journey to discover herself and who she loves.



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