When My Love Blooms

When My Love Blooms

Other name: 화양연화 / Hwayang Yeonhwa / Hwayang Softening / The Happiest Time of Our Lives / The Most Beautiful Days in Life / The Most Beautiful Time in My Life / The Most Beautiful Moment in Life / Blossom

Synopsis: “Twenty years ago, Yoon Ji Soo and Han Jae Hyun fell deeply in love as college students. However, their first love was short-lived and as they went their separate ways, their lives took different paths. Now in their forties, Ji Soo is a struggling single mother while Jae Hyun is a successful businessman focused on wealth and honor. When fate reunites them, they must decide if they can reignite the flame of their first love after so many years and experiences apart. Directed by Son Jeong Hyeon, this drama follows the two as they navigate a second chance at love.”



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