What If (2024)

What If (2024)

Other name: 生活在别处的我 / 生活在別處的我 / Sheng Huo Zai Bie Chu De Wo / Another Me / I Live Elsewhere / Что, если

Synopsis: Xia Guo, a regular girl, is presented with a challenging decision that will drastically alter her life. She must choose between staying in her hometown with her boyfriend, living a comfortable and familiar life, or taking a chance on a successful career in the city. Whichever path she chooses, her life will be far from ordinary. “A Little Less Normal” spans 20 episodes, each lasting 45 minutes.



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  1. “her boyfriend in her hometown or seize the opportunity to forge a successful career in a metropolitan” seems to be a consistency these days in chinese modern dramas. its either get a sucessful career or get a potential husband and a loving family for the women.

    and I haven’t seen anything with Lin Shen since ‘Dating in the kitchen’!! i am really impressed of him still being able to play “younger roles” since the age industry is so harsh in china

  2. Just saw the trailer…and I just want to say, HOW?!

    It does not seem like a twin switch at birth story, nor a cosmic mishap for a parallel world entanglement…. So HOW?!

    Now I am intrigued!