Welcome 2 Life

Welcome 2 Life

Other name: 웰컴2라이프 / 어차피 두번 사는 인생 / You Only Live Twice / Living Two Lives Anyway / Welcome Two Life

Synopsis: Lee Jae Sang, a successful lawyer at JK Law Firm in South Korea, becomes involved in a mysterious car accident and is transported to a parallel world. In this world, he works as a prosecutor and is known for his strict adherence to the law. He is married to Ra Shi On, a loyal and loving wife. In his original world, however, Lee Jae Sang had broken up with Ra Shi On and she now works as a detective. As he navigates his new reality and grapples with his two vastly different selves, Lee Jae Sang must face the consequences of his actions and confront his own moral code.



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