Unmet: Aru Nogekai no Nikki (2024)

Unmet: Aru Nogekai no Nikki (2024)

Other name: アンメット ある脳外科医の日記 / Anmetto: Aru Nougekai no Nikki / Unmet: Diary of a Brain Surgeon

Synopsis: , 22:00 Kawauchi Miyabi, a once promising neurosurgeon, suffers from amnesia due to a brain injury. She works as an assistant nurse, having given up on her dream of becoming a doctor. However, when eccentric neurosurgeon Sanpei Tomoharu appears, he guides Miyabi in his own unique way, helping her both as a doctor and a patient. As she gradually unravels the mystery behind her lost memories, a hidden secret is revealed. Based on the manga series “Unmet”, this drama follows Miyabi and Sanpei as they navigate the challenges of her condition and the secrets buried in her past.



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