Through the Darkness (2022)

Through the Darkness (2022)

Other name: 악의 마음을 읽는 자들 / Agui Maeumeul Ilgneun Jadeul / People Who Read the Hearts of Evil / Inside Criminal Minds / Those Who Read the Minds of Evil / Those Who Read Hearts of Evil

Synopsis: Based on the non-fiction book of the same title, this drama follows the pioneering work of criminal profilers in Korea during a time when the concept of psychopaths and profiling was unfamiliar. As vicious criminals like Yoo Young Chul, Jung Nam Gyu, and Kang Ho Soon emerged, profiler Kwon Il Yong became the first in the country to use his unique ability to delve into the minds of these inhuman beings. Lead actor Kim Nam Gil portrays Kwon as he navigates the complex and delicate task of analyzing criminal behavior as part of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s team. This highly immersive drama is adapted from Kwon’s own experiences, as detailed in the 2018 book co-written by him and journalist-turned-author Ko Na Mu.



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