Through a Lens Darkly (2024)

Through a Lens Darkly (2024)

Other name: 無人之境 ; Wu Ren Zhi Jing , Mou Jan Zi Ging , 无人之境

Synopsis: Everyone has their own secrets; Do you dare to reveal them? Leading a busy life, office worker Mo has been indifferent to things around him. But after getting tongue-lashing by the chairperson of the Owners’ Corporation, Mo uses a drone to spy on the life of the chairperson and ends up finding out secrets of different households.
The sunny and energetic fitness coach, the promiscuous dance instructor, the kindergarten teacher with a lovely smile, the loving couple who are professors, the quiet and reserved Indonesian domestic helper, the chairperson of the Owners’ Corporation who monitors the housing estate around the clock… Everyone has a story.
While he spies on his neighbours, Mo spots his wife Ling in his neighbour’s flat, and all hell breaks loose. The couple’s tranquil life becomes full of turmoil. As Mo learns more about his neighbours, he finds himself knowing less and less about his wife. While the city’s night is brightened by the countless lights from homes, there’s darkness lurking in every household.
Tags: Neighborhood Setting, Married Male Lead, Neighbors’ Relationship, Married Life (Vote or add tags)
Episodes: 10
Duration: 60 min.
Country: Hong Kong
Airs On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Aired: Jun 24, 2024 – Jul 5, 2024
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated



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