Theory of Love

Theory of Love

Other name: ทฤษฎีจีบเธอ / Tridsadee Jeeb Thur

Synopsis: Third, a filmology major and member of the Savage team with his friends Too, Bone, and Kai, has been secretly in love with Kai for three years. Despite knowing that Kai is straight and a notorious player, Third has silently supported and loved him. However, Kai’s “no dating friends” rule only adds to Third’s pain as he watches Kai bring home a different girl every night. Despite his attempts to see Kai as just a friend, Third cannot help but fall for him again and again. But when Third discovers a heartbreaking secret, he finally decides to let go. However, just as Third starts to move on, Kai changes his mind and decides to take a chance on their relationship. Directed by X Nuttapong Mongkolsawas and Film Pawis Sowsrion, this drama explores the challenges of love and the difficulties of letting go when the heart wants what it wants.



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