The Way You Shine (2023)

The Way You Shine (2023)

Zhou Xin Xing, a young woman who has had to shelve her dreams of opening her own French-style patisserie due to a death in the family and financial difficulties, takes a job at a dessert store named Les Années Lentes. Here she encounters Xia Tian Yu, the third-generation heir of the Yucheng business group, who has no intention of becoming the group’s CEO and is suffering due to a traumatic childhood incident. As they work together, Xia Tian Yu begins to develop feelings for Zhou Xin Xing and they decide to enter a prestigious dessert-making contest. However, they face competition from long-term admirers of both Zhou Xin Xing and Xia Tian Yu. Will they find love in the face of these societal pressures?



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