The War of Flowers (2022)

The War of Flowers (2022)

Other name: สงครามดอกไม้ / Sohng Khraam Daawk Mai

Synopsis: The drama follows the tumultuous and bitter rivalry between Onnapa and Kannika, two love rivals who pass on their resentment to their descendants. Onnapa, a mistress of a millionaire and owner of the largest flower business, has endured years of mistreatment from her husband’s lawful wife Kannika. After their husband’s death, Kannika kicks Onnapa out of their shared home, sparking an intense rage within Onnapa.
Despite over three decades passing, Onnapa’s feelings of injustice only intensify and are inherited by her daughter Onsalao and her grandsons Worakorn and Worawet. Seeking revenge and what they believe is rightfully theirs, Onnapa and her family return to engage in a war with Kannika and her descendants, including her daughter Thantawan and grandchildren Mintra, Nonsee, and Iris. As the war rages on, filled with schemes, deceit, and betrayal, the ultimate outcome remains uncertain.



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