The Sweet Blood (2021)

The Sweet Blood (2021)

Other name: 달달한 그놈 / 달달한그놈 / Daldalhan Geu Nom / Daldarhan Keu Nom

Synopsis: Yeon Seo, a 118-year-old half-vampire, yearns for a normal human life despite her natural beauty and vampire abilities. She struggles to blend in with her classmates in high school, but her desire to protect her classmate Song Meo Roo from vampires and werewolves becomes complicated when she is drawn to his sweet blood. As they flee for their lives, Yeon Seo must choose between her family duty and her heart’s desires as she battles her inner conflict between her humanity and her vampire instincts. Based on the webtoon “The Sweet Girl” by S and Nal Chi.



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