The Spirealm (2024) Episode 78

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  1. it was scary and adventurous at first, but nearing the end, it became sad.. Like it has been a while since i shed tears for a drama… I wish the ending was a non virtual ending where Ruan Nanzhu exist in real life and they started making friends in real rather than relying on the virtual world to find his hapiness

  2. Phew! 🙅‍♂️🚪 No more hellish doors. Lin-shi designed a non hostile World of Spirit Realm just so he could visit and re-visit friends he made and missed in World of Doors.
    I was wondering why it takes so long to show the back head of Lin-shi. Though he’s supposed to be 30 years older I am just glad that his handsome face with the silly mustache appeared on screen in less than three seconds. 🥸

    As always, I am happy for a happy ending that is Lin-shi continued visiting Lanzhu.