The Sign (2023)

The Sign (2023)

Other name: ลางสังหรณ์ / Langsanghon / Premonition / Знак

Synopsis: For as long as Tharn can remember, he’s had premonitions about those around him, sensing both the good and the bad.
Partners on a team of special investigators, when kind and cheerful Tharn met clever and charming Phaya, it felt as though they’d known each other for a long time.
Adapted from the novel “Premonition” (ลางสังหรณ์) by I-Rain-Yia (ไอเรนเยีย).
Episodes: 10



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  1. Has anyone else noticed this site taking longer than normal to drop the episodes of shows lately? They used to be right on time but now I find I’m waiting anywhere from 2-4 extra days, but then when it finally drops, it does with the correct date listed in the description and it SO did not drop on that date!

    This show’s Epi 12 was supposed to have been aired in the wee hours between Sat and Sun in Canada and here it is almost a day later and it’s still not here, but it’s showing up already on other sites.

  2. Please please can we have episode 2 as a whole insteads of parts, just like episode 1? It is such a better watching experience. Thank you!

  3. I’ve been waiting hours on end for episode 2! When is it comiiiiiiinnnnnggggg
    I want to strangle somebodyyyyyyyyyyyyya!

  4. Hella promising so far, I’m surprised theres fantasy involved but that just makes it better ngl. Only one ep out yet its so interesting

  5. Police/army type drama, nice 👌 I like action dramas! 🤩 I will hype them up if I see fights haha 😂 I can’t wait 😍