The Legend of Shen Li (2024) Episode 28

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  1. I want worries in my life to b like dragon King’s 😂😂😂😂😂😂 n a funny rival like village chef 😂😂…. That was too funny

  2. Awww their sweet little bit of heaven is over now that they’ve been found… I quite like this life for them. Why can’t they have more?!

    The siblings are now my favorites from the divine realm.

    Those divine beings really need to start pulling their weight and learn to use their brains and the gifts and abilities they were blessed with!

  3. oohh i was making fun of the east sea king offering treasures but it actually makes sense lol, xing zhi is a god, no matter what the god says/wants u still gotta offer him your best!

    this is such a refreshing drama that i can feel myself forgiving all the horrible xianxia dramas i watched in the past, and tbh i don’t mind if they never kiss bc they’ve given us everything else

  4. we had such a honey moon-ish episodes today.. 😊

    sis starting Season2 of Furong continues to be hilarious to me. Furong is low key loyal.. a lil shiet but a better one now..

    My baby Mofang continues to make me wana body slam him.. why does he have no intention of killin that roach.. KILL HIMMMM

  5. she inner thoughts are right! she never depended on any one earlier now that she is lost all her senses and power she is at the mercy of all! if she dint find and save her she would be dead or even any lame thing can kill her! guess he did all things best to get her in proper recovery without making her suspect in his way but not good! they cant go on forever now that FS has taken over his aides come to end their lovely dovely moments! now time to face reality!

  6. The honeymoon on the Hawaiian beaches …most enjoyable. Gourmet seafood cooked by a 5 🌟 chef❣️
    So much hand holding/cuddling but no kisses ☺️
    The Bobsey Twins antics adds just the right touch. Love that Furong has matured under pressure, also glad that he knows Shen Li is safe now. Princess has changed her attitude as well, helping without Furong knowing makes it adorable. She makes a great watchdog as well. Stop the meddling guy in his tracks with sweet words and smiles!
    Too bad the honeymoon is over, back to reality with those idiot demons. Fu Sheng is delusional if he thinks capturing Shen Li a second time will happen, not with top notch security at her side❗😏🧐

  7. Rare xianxia genre drama where leads get to enjoy quality time together, most of the time they fill it with sufferings, separations and other frustration elements.
    Here so many funny moments, good interactions, bad guys don’t waste time irritating viewers with their antics.

  8. Can they kiss already huh? They r wasting their chemistry n making me hungry fr romance…. Can I get some intense romance huh?if nt let me kiss that divinely handsome guy…he z so hawttttttttt that m going crazy

  9. He called her Lili 🥺. The truth of him losing his composure is out so she knows how much she means to him. They look so good together, not Xing Zhi punching that man for leering at his woman 😈. When you know you can fully depend on someone because they make you feel safe and loved 🥹. Let’s see how long they can keep the secret. Trouble is already knocking at their door.

    I really love this sibling duo 😂. They are such a breath of fresh air 😂. I am surprised Youlan did not wack him again to see the progress between the two. Furong has suffered 😭😂.

    Dragon King better stop taking advise from that tortoise he only gives bad advice 😆.

  10. youlan is so happy after she found out that shenli is still alive (just like drama fan 😄) and living together with xingzhi, she even helps furong to support them and hide their whereabouts…
    shenli finally knows what happened while she was declared dead; xingzhi frozen the sea and xingzhi was punished because of that, she finally knows how deep xingzhi’s love toward her…
    so many funny moments in these two episodes…