The Law Cafe (2022)

The Law Cafe (2022)

Other name: 법대로 사랑하라 / 依法相爱吧 / 法に従って愛せ / Beobdaelo Salanghala / Beobdaero Saranghara / Love by the Law / Love by Law / Love According to Law

Synopsis: “Love According to Law” is a drama that follows the lives of Kim Jeong Ho, a former prosecutor turned building owner, and Kim Yu Ri, a lawyer with a strong sense of justice and a 4-D personality. The story revolves around a law firm that also operates as a cafe and the various challenges that arise within its walls. Kim Jeong Ho, once known as a “monster genius” in the legal world, must navigate through his new role as a building owner while also dealing with his complicated feelings for Kim Yu Ri. As the two work together at the law firm, they must confront their pasts and overcome obstacles in order to find love and success. Adapted from the web novel “Love According to Law” by No Seung Ah and illustrated by Il Ri.



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