The Killing Vote (2023)

The Killing Vote (2023)

When the legal system fails to punish heinous criminals, citizens over the age of 18 receive a text message asking for their opinion on whether the criminal should receive the death penalty. If more than half of the population votes in favor, the criminal is executed by the mysterious “Dog Mask”. The police launch a manhunt for Dog Mask and three individuals become embroiled in the investigation: Kim Moo Chan, leader of the First Investigation Team of the Southern Police Agency; Kwon Seok Joo, a former renowned legal scholar who killed the rapist who attacked his daughter and turned himself in; and Joo Hyun, a police officer who has been working at the Cyber Safety Bureau of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for five years. Adapted from the webtoon “Gukminsahyeongtupyo” written by Um Se Yoon and illustrated by Jung Yi Pum, this twelve-episode series follows the trio as they uncover the truth behind Dog Mask.



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