The Journey of Chong Zi (2023)

The Journey of Chong Zi (2023)

Other name: 重紫 / Chong Zi

Synopsis: After the demon king Ni Lun is defeated and the demon clan is left in ruins, Chong Zi, Ni Lun’s daughter, is determined to cultivate her pure and kind nature at Nanhua. However, due to a prophecy predicting her turn to the demonic side, she is turned away. But against all odds, the venerable Luo Yin Fan takes her as his only disciple and promises to protect her. When a conspiracy leads to Chong Zi’s imprisonment and eventual death, Luo Yin Fan is unable to save her. In her second life, Chong Zi returns to Nanhua and is recognized by Luo Yin Fan. He seals the evil miasma within her and keeps her close, but their love is once again threatened by fate. As they struggle to break free from the rules of heaven and earth, their love is tested in the face of adversity. Adapted from the novel “Chong Zi” by Shu Ke.



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