The Imposter (2024)

The Imposter (2024)

Other name: 若要君不知 / Ruo Yao Jun Bu Zhi / The Imposter

Synopsis: Ghostwriter Tu Chacha finds herself reluctantly penning love letters for Miss Wen to hide her romantic escapades. Unintentionally, Tu Chacha develops feelings for the letters’ recipient, Shen Buyan. In a bid to protect Shen Buyan from Miss Wen’s father’s schemes, Tu Chacha forms a makeshift family to dissuade him from pursuing Miss Wen. However, they soon fall into a trap laid by Miss Wen’s father, resulting in severe repercussions for their masquerade. Together, Tu Chacha, Shen Buyan, and their makeshift family navigate a web of deceit, uncovering a shocking conspiracy along the way.
Episodes: 24
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday



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