The Fabric (2022)

The Fabric (2022)

Other name: ผ้าผีบอก / Paa Pee Bok / Pha Phee Bok / The Haunted Clothes

Synopsis: “After arranging a weaving competition to find a suitable wife for his Chao Nang Luang, Chao Luang Rangsiman of Wiang Chai Chet Buri is faced with a shocking murder. Anyanang Homnuan of Nakhon Pha Ngam is found strangled to death with only a silk mark as evidence. One thousand years later, Achi, a ghost enthusiast, leads a team of friends on an online ghost-hunting program in Chiang Mai. When Achi discovers an ancient piece of cloth in his great-grandmother’s storage room, he unknowingly awakens the spirit of Anyanang Homnuan. She gives him a daunting task – find her killer within three days or perish. Achi and his friends must join forces to solve the mystery and save his life. Directed by Aum Natthaphong Aroonnet.”



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