The Divine Protector: Master Salt Begins (2022)

The Divine Protector: Master Salt Begins (2022)

Other name: 呪い返し師-塩子誕生 / Noroi Kae Shishi: Shioko Tanjo

Synopsis: “The Occult Club members at Kamono Girls’ Highschool in Tokyo hold a ritual ceremony at 7:07 PM in hopes of summoning “Master Salt” to aid their friend Nanako, who has been experiencing strange incidents. Using purified salt, they draw a pentagon and a circle and burn a sealed envelope with a written wish. Suddenly, a mysterious woman in a hakama appears with a gust of wind – Master Salt, the divine protector. She identifies the spirit responsible for Nanako’s curse and repels it. After this encounter, Nanako and her friends turn to Master Salt for help with other curses plaguing people in their world. They uncover various individuals who have been cursing others, including an elderly scammer, a domestic abuser, and a university professor who suppresses students’ spiritual beliefs. As more people seek Master Salt’s assistance, the occult club members stumble upon a scandal involving the son and successor of the powerful Tendo Group. What challenges will they



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