The Brave Yong Soo Jung (2024) Episode 7

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  1. what are boring leads both female and male. FL is annoying and whining. story line is a meh – this one not for me.


    UJ is annoyed because SJ thinks of him as a beggar. SJ is annoyed because UJ keeps calling and coming to see her. SJ thanks him for the first aid. But she was just about to lose her job.
    UJ is annoyed and thinks SJ is very pathetic, he doesn’t want to deal with “punks with no manners”. SJ was annoyed by UJ’s words. UJ deletes SJ’s contact number.

    SJ insisted on meeting WJ. SJ expressed her disappointment about the disciplinary hearing, WJ’s words were very different. WJ was shocked.
    MKH comes in and scolds SJ. WJ asks SJ to leave. SJ apologizes and leaves. MKH admits to doing that, WJ gets annoyed.
    HR reprimands SJ. SJ thinks HR is spying on her all day, she asks to be left alone.

    UJ meets someone. He was surprised that it was true that SJ would be fired.
    MKH is annoyed because Grandma hid the ultrasound photo, as well as LYA. JMC consoles her, she should not worry too much as the big problem has been resolved.

    HR meets WJ. WJ reprimanded HR, HR crossed the line, he forbade HR from coming to his office, asked her to greet him properly. He immediately left, HR was stunned.

    UJ avoids SJ. YJW will go to mourn. SJ is drunk and continues to grumble.
    UJ saw SJ sitting. UJ was going to take SJ home, he was shocked when SJ complained that she didn’t have a mother. UJ is annoyed because SJ didn’t tell him where she lives. SJ complained again, for ten years she had worked hard, because of one problem, she would be fired. UJ was annoyed and left, he couldn’t bear it and asked SJ to go home to her father’s house, SJ agreed.
    UJ carried SJ on his back towards the Guest House. SJ sleeps on the sofa.

    HR arrives home, she is upset and slams her handbag. GHY reprimanded HR, she asked about WJ’s status as heir even though he was an illegitimate child. HR doesn’t care about WJ’s status.
    GHY is curious about HR and WJ’s relationship. She immediately got excited when HR said just wait, she will meet WJ soon. She hugs HR. In her heart, HR was determined, she would become WJ as GHY’s son-in-law, she would make that happen.

    JHM tells WJ that she won the award today. WJ will talk about that tomorrow, he’s tired.
    Grandma took JHM to her room, she praised JHM’s picture. JHM stated that JMC entered Grandma’s room. Grandma is annoyed.

    UJ left after putting the tea and memo on the table. SJ wakes up, she doesn’t remember the person who brought her here.

    UJ heard employee complaints that consumers who bought pearl necklaces complained that their necks were sore and itchy. He was upset because he couldn’t contact SJ.

    WJ overheard SJ and Chief (KMY)’s conversation. SJ stated she thought there was a problem with the pearls. The consumer purchased a necklace and received a refund due to the same allergy. SJ invited KMY to check it at the call center.

    MKH ordered CS staff to remain silent, no one knew the cause was the product. They will be resolved after a disciplinary hearing.

    Grandma watched a bicycle product sales show at HS. She recognized UJ, she remembered her meeting with UJ in the lobby.
    JMC met Grandma, Grandma immediately left the room. JMC asked Grandma’s purpose for coming. Grandma just wanted to see for herself after hearing HS was a mess.
    UJ left the shooting location, he ran after Grandma. He was disappointed because the car had already left.

    SJ was weak, she couldn’t enter the Call Center, the staff didn’t want to talk to her.
    HR asked them to think about the lawsuit from Mascado. She belittled SJ, who had worked all her life and earned as much money as the amount demanded.
    SJ is shocked, she will soon meet the Chairwoman.

    Grandma asked MKH and WJ about dismissing SJ as a solution they would take. HR panicked and wondered why SJ met the Chairwoman.

    SJ comes into the room. Grandma asked about SJ’s opinion. SJ plays recordings of customer complaints. SJ is sure they put something on the pearls.
    MKH doesn’t care about consumer complaints. Grandma doesn’t agree with MG being blamed and punishes MG’s employees.
    SJ was shocked when Grandma stated that there would be no disciplinary hearing, there was no reason to punish SJ. SJ immediately said thank you, she wished Grandma a long and healthy life. She also thanked MKH and WJ, after that she is permission to go.
    SJ was very excited and happy, it turned out that it was WJ’s secretary who sent the customer’s voice recording file.

    At the end of the episode, HR was immediately shaking and stressed while holding a chess pawn. SJ comes and reprimands HR for touching her things, HR is shocked… she remembers what SJ said in the past… she glares at SJ.

    SJ was able to avoid problems because of UJ and WJ’s help, the situation will be like this next.
    HR will do cunning and evil things to make her wishes come true.

  3. Isnt this the same girl that shin joon young didnt want? here she is again, doing the same conniving thing. i know she’s an actress but , sis broaden your horizon a little. try out for other roles. i cant stand her in these types of roles. I already know this show will make my blood boil.

  4. This series has some of the great actors, ,but the story is a meh, ok-ish its It’s bland, unfunny, uninspiring maybe we’ll wait till july

  5. Haha I love how Woo Jin put HyeRa in her place, told her not to visit his office anymore unless it’s for business purposes and she must address him as the director lmao 🤣. Woo Jin like Su Jeong and that witch is trying to find the little Soo Jeong from the past.

  6. Wt I can’t understand z fl n sml already knws each other. They even met his mom in temple but they acting like strangers 👇🏻

    This situation looked like they grew up knwi each other.

    She deserves to get fired fr all the overacting