The Auditors (2024)

The Auditors (2024)

Other name: 감사합니다 / I’m an Auditor / It’s Auditor / Thank You

Synopsis: “Shin Cha Il joins the audit team at JU Construction, a company plagued by corruption. With a cool and calculated approach, he works alongside rookie employee Gu Han Soo, initially aiming for a transfer to the Florida branch. As they uncover the truth behind the company’s shady dealings, Gu Han Soo’s warm demeanor and growth as an audit team member clash with Shin Cha Il’s lack of faith in others. Meanwhile, Vice President Hwang Dae Woong, driven by ambition to take over the company from his older brothers, and individualist Yoon Seo Jin, who hides a childhood connection with him, also join the team. With 12 episodes, the drama follows the team’s quest for success and the conflicts that arise between its members. Airs on Saturdays and Sundays.”



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