Tempting Heart (2024)

Tempting Heart (2024)

Other name: แผนลวงบ่วงมารยา / Phaen Luang Buang Maya

Synopsis: , Friday

After Neenara unknowingly comes into possession of a valuable rough diamond, she is pursued by the ruthless mafia boss who owns it. With no one else to turn to, she seeks protection from Nagun, a former lover who left her heartbroken. In order to outsmart their pursuers, Nagun enlists Neenara’s help as a decoy. Despite their plan to part ways after the case is resolved, Neenara has a few tricks up her sleeve that may change their fate. Based on the novel “Phaen Luang Buang Maya” by Umariga, this drama follows the thrilling story of two former lovers forced to work together to survive. It consists of 10 episodes and airs five days a week, from Monday to Friday.



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