Temisu No Kyuukei

Temisu No Kyuukei

Serina Hirakawa (Riisa Naka) is a deputy director at a public prosecutor’s office. Her father (Yukijiro Hotaru) was a police officer, but killed. Kentaro was charged for murdering her father. Serina’s father was investigating Kentaro and his involvement in a string of thefts inside of cars. Kentaro was found guilty for the murder. Serina Hirakawa admired Prosecutor Ryoji Tajima (Goro Kishitani) who extracted a confession from Kentaro.
Now, Serina works for Prosecutor Ryoji. One day, Kentaro insists he is innocent of the murder charge and kills himself in prison.
Several days later, Prosecutor Ryoji meets Attorney Kuromiya (Jiro Sato). The attorney defended Kentaro in the murder case. Attorney Kuromiya tells Prosecutor Ryoji about the real killer in the murder case. Soon, Attorney Kuromiya is found dead. Doubts about the death of Serina’s father is aroused. Prosecutor Ryoji is suspected in the murder of Attorney Kuromiya. Serina is dumbfounded by the recent chain of events. She soon begins to investigate the two murder cases: her father’s murder and the death of Attorney Kuromiya.



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