Tell Me That You Love Me (2023)

Tell Me That You Love Me (2023)

Other name: 사랑한다고 말해줘 / 跟我说爱我 / Saranghandago Malhaejwo / Say You Love Me / Tell Me You Love Me / Tell Me Who You Love / Скажи, что любишь меня (Корея)

Synopsis: Cha Jin Woo has a hearing impairment. He is not comfortable speaking due to his disability. Cha Jin Woo is used to expressing his feelings through drawings instead of speaking. He happens to meet Jung Mo Eun. She is an aspiring actress and expresses her feelings through words. Cha Jin Woo and Jung Mo Eun fall in love with each other.
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Episodes: 16
Duration: 60 min.
Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday



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  1. Look, it seems like I’m the only one who felt like this drama was a waste of a great story, and I’m going to tell you why. I started this drama and I genuinely thought it was going to be my favourite one so far, but then flaws appeared.
    The whole storyline and premise has a lot of potential, but to me, it wasn’t done justice.
    First of all, the pacing got way too slow. At first it felt nice, getting to know the characters and building up their arches; but somewhere around halfway through nothing really was happening storywise, and it just felt like it was dragged on and on to no end. At some point we even forgot about the great supporting charachers and their own stories.
    Now, the most important of all… the sign language.
    You’re telling me a man who is supposed to be deaf for decades can’t sign more or less fluently? I read the lead actor was working on this series for 13 years… and he couldn’t learn sign language in that time? All the rest of the cast’s signing was decent, matching their own story (we saw Moeun learn and improve, the couple was advanced in sign language, even the curator was pretty good!).
    I got so many things to say about ML… setting the whole sign language aside, are we sure this is a veteran actor? His acting was so bland! I get he’s supposed to be this introverted artist, very in his own world… but where are his emotions? He got like, one scene where he got angry? And it looked like an amateur acting… all exagerated.
    I guess this all related but it honestly upset me so much the fact that they didn’t show their hands when they were talking in sign language. Why??? I don’t care about the other person’s reaction if I can’t see what they’re saying.
    To me, it just feels as if the director wanted to show the male lead all handsome, with minimal facial expressions and the most slow and awkward signing I’ve ever seen (if it was shown at all).
    A shame, truly.

  2. Hahaha, I’m reading all of the lively and colorful comments posted here after the last episode has aired. Some blame the FL, while some blame ML, and some blame both. The ML has really messed with you all, and this was his intention. Let me explain

    13 years ago, Jung Woo Sung, the ML, acquired the rights for “Tell me that you love me” which is a remake of the japanese series Aishiteiru to Itte Kure (1995). He acted as both producer and lead actor for this korean remake. For the past 13 years he had pondered how to illustrate the complexities of forming intimate relationships where one person has a disability, while the other person is just an “average person” with no experience with disabilities, and to have this story set in a society that stigmatizes disabilities and fosters loneliness.

    The theme of the whole story is that these kind relationships are indeed complicated and complex. No one is to blame, or everyone is to blame, depending on how you wish to view it. Overall, I thought the drama was very well done, and the ML and writers did a great job of conveying this complexity. Also the korean writers and production team made this remake their “own”, distinct from the japanese series and imho much more mature. [That’s why I’m using my “mature” voice to write my comments, LOL]

  3. Interesting that none of you mentioned about the real issue of this drama… the deaf issue between a deaf man and a hearing woman. What did you learn about deaf people from this drama? I am deaf myself and I noticed so many things about the deaf in the drama that are so true. I even laughed at some of the deafy issues. I love the part when Jung Mo Eun used a flashlight to get Jinwoo’s attention from outside window into his apt. I did that once to get my friend’s attention. LOL LOL Please tell us what you learn about the deaf people from the drama.

  4. This was a BEAUTIFUL journey ❤️
    It showed raw emotions and diversity. It was as imperfect as real life can get
    I’m gonna give it 9/10 cause some parts got on my nerves, but over all it was a different & special drama, definitely deserves to be watched

  5. To be honest I just finished it and I enjoyed it 7/10
    I think that they could rap it in 12 episodes 💜 but I can watch more episodes because of JWS.
    And it has wonderful OST.

  6. Exceptional performance for both actors ! I’m still crying watching the last episode! Excellent script excellent everything! Thumbs up 👍 ⬆️ 🏆🏆🏆🏆❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. notice to anyone who wants to know if this is a good one to start. it is most certainly a great watch. be patient. be kind. be thoughtful. love. you’ll find yourself grateful for many things.

  8. I really don’t care about the age gap I would date him 😉 I’m just loving this drama last time I was this excited was watching crash landing on you and mad for each other.

  9. Ok help pls. Did I miss the part where ML said he could read lips??? Bc FL will talk to him as if he can fully
    hear her but then she will sign language rest of what she’s saying to him????
    I know she doesn’t know sign language that well so….is his not really knowing what she’s really saying and just reading her face???

    Love this drama so far btw, I like the script

  10. i thought nothing would beat jumong as my all time favorite drama. but 6 episodes in. this drama may do it. so far this is MY DRAMA. its so perfectly tailored for me. loving everything about it. takes my breath away.

  11. Very nice mature kind of drama. Even though there’s not much dialogue, the acting is just fantastic and overflowing with chemistry. Hope they do it differently than in the original Jdrama. in jdrama immature FL cheats on ML due to misinderstanding

  12. I can’t believe I had no idea this drama aired, I was just casually in tiktok when I saw it, imma start it right away, and my all time favorite actor jeong woo seong is the main lead, he never ages, I’m Frustrated that I had to see it in TikTok to know there’s drama like this, kill me.

  13. This was and still is my favorite japanese drama , IM SO EXCITED I CANT I CANNNNNNTTTTTT, PLEASE PLEASSSSE THEY BETTER KEEP THE ROMANTIC SCENES EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT♥♥♥♥♥♥ I mean also Jung Woo Sung which i lovvvvve is such an amazing actor and I really like hyun bin unnie a good actor too,im excited

  14. i’m watching a japanese drama just like this called ‘aishiteiru to ittekure’ and its soo beautiful so imma definitely watch this😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️😍😍😍

  15. Love it love it. Its like reading deep novel in winter afternoon with cup of tea kinda drama. Seriously. There are not many dialogues but silence is so loud and well depicted by actors. The cinematography(all the warm light and angles) and everything else is great. I dont know why people created a misunderstanding that its a slow drama. As I am not a fan of slow boring pace drama so i was bit hesitant to start but the pace is right- its not slow its graceful and mellow based on two main leads characters and their lives.10/10 from my side so far after 2 episode.

  16. Age gap issue: People need to stop confusing reality versus characters played, the actress is 37, actor 50 (13 yr difference) , in the industry there are intimacy coaching, body doubles, angled shots etc when some parties are underage or very young.

    In this series tbh the actress is a whole adult.

    Irl Hollywood and every industry (arts/music/sport/celeb/politicians/royalty etc) these same issues are called Soulmates,/Daddy Long legs/Fairy tales (Dianne/Charles etc).

    Converse age trophes (younger male actors) are okay , reeks and these are the norm( especially in Onee chan/Noona dramas).

    I take issue when the drama characters themselves are portrayed as younger / older (not actors) when it can be construed as grooming or when the development is not shown that the younger character is mature and uninfluenced and the older character is not predatory and has a penchant for young, i.e. after the end I should not be left thinking is he/she going to go after a younger model as the onscreen partner ages up.

    Here we have two seasoned actors, playing mature and self possessed characters and it gives of Eat, pray, love, Bridges of Madison County, Encounter, My Mister, On the way to the airport etc , ie: mood filled, ambience of finding someone to connect vibes.

    I am loving the slow pacing,the lighting, the near shot camera angles versus the far shots when they were first introduced individually , lonliness to intimacy building imo, the inner monolgues, his being considered disabled but wholly abled versus her being abled but still feeling inadequate(inability to emote and getting cut, lying that she is taking the civil service exam but wanting to act, doing odd jobs).

    It is so refreshing to visit this trophe – an inadequate person finding someone to click, growing then realising that they were adequate and never needed anyone to validate that, but that they want more with that person.

    It is an insult to the nuanced portrayal of the actors to criticuse this drama on the age of irl actors imo. I for one am tired of the usual so am parking here to enjoy the ride (and upcoming angst that I hope is not as bad as Children of a lesser God, when it hits).

    I have watched character age gaps and dropped them dependent on how it plays. Japanese dramas are epidemic of these. Irrespective of irl and on screen the vibe and portrayals matter. My 2nd Ahora has a 7 yr gap irl , 10 yr onscreen but issues there are not that rather the cowardice, lack of self confidence and baggage they bring that seems draggy. The male lead can act , his effervescent , twinky portrayal in the bl drama uke role before this shows it, the actress is somewhat wooden. In 18-sai, Niizuma, Furin Shimasu , unsure irl ages of actors, but the characters and dialogues are cringe and I dropped it. Could not get over the – her bodyguard grooming feel, older ppl sexually satisfying you is a marker, ” I want to tear you up”, that kid-him car still(would have been better had they used a younger actor for him in that back shot), he seemilgly always possessive of her, that drama deserves vitriol.

    Whats up Fox, Queen of reversals, Flower boy Ramyun shop, A gentlemen and lady, Prime minister and I, Encounter, Last Cindrella, Anego, My pet, Biscuit teacher and star candy, A beautiful mind are on screen age gaps. Diversely one should criticise not based just on irl age gaps but what is portrayed and how it may influence irl normalisation of potentially predatory behaviour as normal.

    As a parting thought think of Joe Biden and Jill Biden, Donald Trump and Melania Trump, Macron and his spouse, these Politicians, many globally are not crucified just based on age, context matters.

    It seems norm in Society elder males/ younger females –
    1) Women have child birth productive years want to marry early, men want to earn enough to provide prior;
    2) Older unmarried men prefer their way older females in workplace=educated are considered opinionated and they do not gel;
    3) Current trends (globally where women are educated, work, self supporting etc and due to social media connecting ppl first) there are plenty Woman dating younger by 1 to many years and visa versa.
    4) Patriarchy/misogny always will have the larger subset (older men – younger woman) , look to Fortune 500/ Celebs/Influencers/ top 100 wealthiest etc).
    5) Woman, younger are not all naive, actively compromising to team with older sugar daddies.
    6) In South Africa/African countries there is a similar term – Blesser- Blessee where young , uneducated & even educated, Women enter into relationships quid pro quo usual terms he sets up apartment, car, pays everything she must grace arms when needed, be available on call for him for sexual encounters, there are actual articles on this.

    Therefore to me criticising this drama on irl age is so Netizens being controversial feel and it is sus.

  17. Reading the comments , that is drama is too slow, I think this drama is green flag for me. I like slow-burn dramas with good cinematography and liked Chocalate, Summer Strike, My mister so I’m gonna give this drama a go

  18. This should be a Hallmark channel TV movie and not a TV series. Let’s be honest it’s darn right boring. Fifteen more episodes would put me into a coma.

  19. Here comes the remake of famous Japanese drama Say You Love Me. I am sceptical because it’s a Korean remake, they tend to make the show more entertaining and thus diluting the beauty of the drama, also they will have to drag it from Japanese 12 episode to Korean 16 episode. I will wait for some reviews on MDL before investing my time on this one.

  20. wait don’t tell me this is the remake of the Japanese aisheteru OH Yesss I’m excited because i love the japanese version it’s going famous on reels lately

  21. Well everyone saying original Japanese one is good so I’m gonna go watch that first then if I like the story I’ll watch this one as well Ig😂

  22. Being honest about it…watched the original one and really liked it but the trailer didn’t give me any hope tbh.. I’ll still watch it but most probably it’s gonna end up as someday or oneday… people will praise this drama without knowing how pretty the original one is but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good… I’ll be waiting for it

  23. notice to all who don’t like age gap. this is an age gap drama don’t watch to write negative comments leave this drama to those who like age gaps. i
    just finish the original japan drama and I’m waiting for remake.