Switch On (2021)

Switch On (2021)

Other name: เกมรักสลับมิต / Switch on เกมรักสลับมิติ

Synopsis: After the tragic death of his father Brisana, A-Kin becomes determined to find his killer and becomes a champion for justice in the world of Better World, a popular game developed by his father. Nisa, a surgeon searching for her own father, stumbles into the game world and saves A-Kin’s life. But upon returning to the real world, she realizes that her experience was actually in the game and that A-Kin is just a character.
As Nisa continues to appear in the game world to help A-Kin, she becomes convinced that he is a real person trapped in the game. She eventually reveals the truth to A-Kin, who is devastated by the realization. A-Kin then sets out to discover the identity of the person trying to manipulate him and decides to delete himself from the game in order to protect others. However, the game’s senior executive, Michael, refuses to stop the project and instead creates a new character identical to A-Kin.



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