Sweet Home Season 2 (2023)

Sweet Home Season 2 (2023)

Other name: 스위트홈 시즌2 / 스위트홈2 / 甜蜜家园 2 / スウィートホーム 2 / Seuwiteuhom Sijeun 2 / Seuwiteuhom 2 / Sweet Home 2 / Милый дом Сезон 2 / สวีทโฮม 2

Synopsis: Residents of Green Home Apartments, including Cha Hyun Soo, fight against monsters to leave their base and venture out into the world. At a baseball stadium, survivors from all over begin to live together. They are threatened by the monsters outside and also by the monstrous desires of the people among them.
(Source: AsianWiki)
Adapted from a webtoon “Sweet Home” (스위트홈) by Kim Carnby (김칸비) and Hwang Young Chan (황영찬).
Episodes: 8
Duration: 1 hr. 11 min.
Content Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)
Aired On: Friday



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Sweet Home Season 2 (2023) trailer:


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  1. Fun fact — After seeing one clip this thought came into my mind. I didn’t see Nevertheless drama. But did watch one clip on YouTube. ML gifted FL metal wings there for her sculpture. In Sweet Home, Hyun Soo is using those same wings to kill monsters. 🤣🤣

  2. Season 2 production peeps sure love butts!

    Took me almost two weeks to finish a fully completed 8-episode TV series. That says a lot about its quality and story development. Not the best, to say the least. So dark and confusing, well done me for putting up with it! 🤜🤛

  3. It’s too far removed from Season 1 for me to understand how and why the story moved into something that felt so aimless and superfluous for the better part of this season. Any somewhat meaningful story beats were mostly reserved in the first and last couple of episodes. Much of what was in between was too much focus on new characters that had no development nor can I get attached to; they were just, there I guess.

    What my biggest gripe was the seemingly complete omission of the connection between humans and their monster transformations. It was my favourite thing about Season 1. Without it, Sweet Home would be more or less another generic dystopian setting attempting another monsters vs humans conflict. Now, the monsterisations are just that; generic. They’re more or less zombies with different skins.

    Season 3 has already been shot and is probably well into the post-production stage now, and after finishing this season, I’m not entirely confident the story can redeem itself and recapture what made the initial theme of Sweet Home was for me.

  4. I never watched S1 cause I don’t like zombie, end of the world type shows. Decided to binge both seasons only because of Song Kang’s domination in recent dramas. And just like Happiness which I stopped watching bcs the story revolved around the same ppl in the one building turning on each other, S1 of Sweet Home mirrored this. I got to S2 expecting to see the buffed Song Kang following his weight loss (not that he needed to lose any weight) and as the ML he was absent for the most part. Writers ran out of characters caused they killed them off in S1 and early in S2 and introduced new ones which defeated the purpose of what the main scientist was trying to achieve in his initial research on himself leaving us no closer to finding out how these “monster humans” came into existence and how to get rid of them. Now another year for S3 and likely a plethora of new characters since the soldiers are whipped out. How long did we have to wait for that researcher to die a horrific death or by Test Subject #1 after casually bonding with the second “monster human” who in S2 was laid up in a cocoon for 8 episodes?? And will Sang-won live happily ever after with his monster daughter? So again monsters live and evolve, humans dead. I think we know who will win the war.

  5. Season 1 had more thrill than this one. Leads almost disappeared in this one till last 2 episodes. I am not saying this one is bad. It’s good too since residents went away from their apartment, makers needed to introduce new characters. Jin Young’s character was good too. Kids went crazy totally. Ji Soo dead.. so many good characters died.

  6. Watched it and was disappointed. I don’t understand why it’s completely different from how the webtoon is? I legit can’t tell what’s going on anymore and the MC is like a side character lol I barely see him..

  7. Haven’t watched this yet. Heard Song Kang makes a very brief appearance? I saw in an interview where Kang said the filming went for 13 months and season 1 and 2 were filmed together. I’ll watch this when season 3 comes out. The reviews I’ve seen of this so far don’t look much promising.

  8. The girls are so annoying to watch, the mc is dead we haven’t seen him after ep 3, I was really excited about season 2 but it disappointed me so much there is no more reason to watch it anytime, I quit on episode 5

  9. Watched first episode, it was full of craps, ridiculous, flaws and laughable scenes. Bad drama. Not recommended.

  10. I was so excited that finally it is out yet so disappointed by abruptly changing the storyline at ep 4 that i had to fast-forward to get to the bottom line. No wonder , there is season 3 becuase the writer wasted it by those unnecessary parts.😤😤😤

  11. They alwz make S1 as high as they can .Then they don’t give a fvk to other seasons why??? why this much unfairness?
    Only the main character from s1 did so so well ,I enjoyed their part so much that I didn’t even skip . Then come the extra/new characters they were so annoying,I skipped their scnes many time/ watch in 2x speed ,their parts was so boring. It’d been good there no scene of them .
    Last scene of lee dohyun 😩 THEY FOLLOWED KYUMA SO WELL. If you know you know😉 We’ve to another 6 months for s3 .

  12. Trailer doesn’t quite look like what I was picturing but I’m excited the first season was good enough to rewatch twice so here’s hoping

  13. excited that it is coming sooner that I anticipate ( I meant placeholder so I can bookmark )

    Edit: was just googling if it will be releasing all 8 ep at once or by weekly. and found this:
    “Season 3 of Sweet Home is also confirmed.
    Fans will be delighted to learn that Sweet Home was also renewed for a third season and will be filmed back-to-back with season 2.”

    If it’s concrete, WOW! I am super excited. I have watched the SE1 3 times, that is how much I have enjoyed this show ( same as Missing: The Other Side ), lol!

  14. its been almost 3 years and why does it seem like they totally lost the essence of the 1st series- its like a different drama and the skinny teen is now a grown man- lol

  15. I’m actually surprised that this show made it to a season 2, it was so good but I was actually convinced that netflix would cancel it. i’m so glad that they didn’t tho, very excited to see how things turn out after that cliffhanger!

  16. The trailer looks super good !!! N*tflix really said BUDGET for this season !!! I’m glad they’ll drop all episodes at once *-* I cannot wait !!


  18. As of now… Netflix still has not announced this:
    In response to the reports, Netflix commented, “Nothing has been decided yet regarding the production of [“Sweet Home”] Season 2.”

  19. Lee Jin Wook’s character was supposedly dead in S1 so maybe Lee Do Hyeon’s character didn’t die after all

  20. I can’t wait!! I know the story line differs from the manhwa. So I’m excited to see what they have planned for this

  21. Hope they keep the same cast and the budget goes up a little bit for a better GCI, and ofc the most important things : this needs to be released in one go cuz one or two episode/week like other dramas is not enough !

  22. Just now I finished s1 and rush here thinking there is s2 hahaha but it’s empty … But I will wait no matter how much time it will take