Sunshine by My Side (2023)

Sunshine by My Side (2023)

Jian Bing, a well-known advertising director, and Sheng Yang, a newcomer in the industry, randomly crossed paths inside a restaurant one day. One has just ended a marriage, while the other was waiting for a love to finally fall apart. These two strangers eventually developed a bond and began embarking on a journey of sublime growth and budding romance. With the company of Sheng Yang, Jian Bing was able to gain her confidence back both in life and in love whereas Sheng Yang grew up from a young and carefree youth to one with a keen edge under the guidance and encouragement of Jian Bing. The two healed each other, grew up together, and overtime learned to love one another.
However, challenges in life are inevitable. Faced with their differences both in their identities and experiences, objections towards their relationship within their families, and rumors in the workplace escalating, Jian Bing and Sheng Yang finally decided to let their future play out through the course of time. Three years passed, allowing them to grow and change for the better. A lot of their firsts were spent with each other, and this trust they held and the experiences they shared back then went around and finally found them, making them gravitate towards each other again.
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