SunsetxVibes: Uncut Version (2024)

SunsetxVibes: Uncut Version (2024)

Other name: เพียงชลาลัย UNCUT / Phiang Chalalai: Uncut Version / Sunset Vibes: Uncut Version

Synopsis: Salin has been dreaming of a man in traditional Thai clothing every full moon for as long as he can remember. The man is always accompanied by the scent of night blooming jasmine. As Salin’s eighteenth birthday approaches, the man suddenly disappears from his dreams and his life without explanation.
As Salin begins his internship at a large company, he meets CEO Sun Suriyen, who turns out to be the very man he had dreamed about the night before. This drama, adapted from the web novel “Sunsetxvibes” by Rosesarin_, follows Salin as he discovers the connection between the man from his dreams and the CEO he now works for. With 12 episodes, the drama airs on Saturdays.



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  1. If this is the reincarnation/eternal love/soulmate type i’ll be watching for sure. I need my fix after ‘I feel you linger in the air’.

  2. Will it be omegaverse like in the novel or will they make it like Big Dragon the series and show it without the omega/alpha genre??