Soundtrack #2 (2023)

Soundtrack #2 (2023)

Other name: 사운드트랙#2 / サウンドトラック #2 / 單戀原聲帶 / Saundeuteuraek #2 / Саундтрек №2 / ซาวนด์แทร็ก #2

Synopsis: Ji Soo Ho and Do Hyun Seo, who once dated for six years, meet again as a young rich CEO and a piano instructor who gave up on her dreams. Despite the awkward reunion, the two start piano lessons for their respective purposes. Meanwhile, talented musician Kei accepts Soo Ho’s offer to work on a collaborative project and invites Hyun Seo as a fellow collaborator.
Annoyed with this new partnership, Soo Ho proposes that they stay and work at his house, which causes subtle tension between the three. Soo Ho becomes confused after learning why Hyun Seo left him. Hyun Seo worries about Soo Ho’s health, while Kei doesn’t hide his feelings for Hyun Seo. Soo Ho and Hyun Seo embark on a bumpy romantic journey full of twists and turns. Will history repeat itself?
(Source: Disney+)
Episodes: 6
Duration: 45 min.
Content Rating: 13+ – Teens 13 or older
Aired On: Wednesday



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  1. The cast in soundtrack #2 are good looking, but they’re annoying and superficial. While the characters in soundtrack #1 have lots of heart and love. There is nothing similar between the two series except for the name. Soundtrack #2 is so forgettable, while I still think about soundtrack 1 with a smile

  2. Anyone who is debating whether to watch this drama should just go for it. It is only 6 episodes short, and a very good one

  3. Once again another flop by disney but this time its a Kdrama… Can disney just go back 8yrs ago and make decent stuff?

  4. Comparing this to s1 is a joke. lol. S1 was incredibly well made and emotional. This looks like a B series quality

  5. thank god it’s not a sequel. #1 already has a beautiful ending and a perfect couple; I wouldn’t watch any drama happen between them

  6. Soundtrack #1 is the perfect drama, one of my favorite short romance dramas. And now I am looking forward to soundtrack #2. Wow, I loved the two episodes; they’re melodious😙❤️ and I love the cast, Steven Noh😍 Oh my, why does he look so handsome? I want to see him in more dramas with ML. I can’t wait for the next episodes. It’s a shame there are only six episodes. 🥺😞

  7. People should stop commenting they won’t watch because cast is different from sound track 1, or saying they are disappointed with the cast etc. First this is not a sequel, only the series name is similar because of the same essence which is drama around music, and also the directors of soundtrack2 are both top notch directors in Kdrama industry with hits like devil judge, little women etc. Just because this series doesn’t contain your favorite actors you don’t have to be so rude here without even giving the series a try. Such comments won’t encourage other viewers to even try the series and due to negative comments instead of fresh mindset they already view this series in negative light and even though it might be a decent series, due to pre negativity, they may come to dislike it. Also what is wrong with current cast, both the leads are someone who knows how to act and have been working hard in the cut throat industry, they don’t deserve such comments.

    Any new viewers, this is a small web series with 6 episodes 40 min each. Don’t expect the writing to be like a Kdrama, but compared to other web series, since this a disney produced and directors are experienced one’s, the camera work ,the story board will be much more quality version due to good budget.

  8. Total bs… The first one was so good, it was mature, well put togather, well acted… This is not it, destroyed.

  9. It has been a while since I saw Soundtrack 1 I can’t remember the story or cast but will give this one a try. After bailing on A bloody lucky day (so violent and serial killer 😖) need something light.

  10. Disappointed because I thought this was a sequel to the 1st one with Han Seo Hee and Park Hyung Sik. This new one is completely different, has nothing to do with 1st. 😥

  11. I watched season 1 bcz of Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik & loved it,
    Let’s watch it too and see how it goes,after all it’s not sequel but a whole different story!!!

  12. i’m sure i’ll enjoy it much like the first one but i’m also sure i’ll leave thinking “why wasn’t this just a movie?”

  13. no hate , i also love these actors but they started the casts from 1000000000/10 now they do 10/10 a bit disappointing, should have just do same actors huhuhuhuhu NOOOOOOO ugh- sorry

  14. Huh?
    I thought it’ll be a sequel of the season one which I liked most😭
    Specially the cast.
    But it’s a different one?!🥲

  15. Steven noh, this man got the sharpest jawline and cheekbones. He got real bad boy looks. I want to know how many episodes this going to be?