Soo Ji & Woo Ri (2024) Episode 55

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  1. now comes the time where she is going to make sure her sooji and woo ri either break up or say that they can be happy together

  2. Confirmed by next episode preview, Su Ji mom such a snooper damm!!! Also no redemption arc please for adulterers Su Ji dad and stepmom! NY? Well, based on her warped childhood thinking maybe, ugh, just maybe if she sincerely repents and fixes things but NO rich son in law or happy end for adulterers please!!!

  3. Wow! Stepmom Jang Yoon Ja spilled the beans of her dirty deed from 25 years to Na Young saying that she did it (separate CSY and SK/SJ by wrecking their family, stealing money, lying/blaming it on someone else) for Na Young so that she NY wouldn’t starve. Now i know why NY always blame others for her mistakes- she learned it from her mum!

  4. SPOILER ALERT (Summary without Subtitles)

    CHY stated that it wasn’t her permission, it was up to the two of them, but she still had doubts.
    Su Ji understands what CHY feels. She promised not to run away again, she asked to be given time.
    Su Ji was surprised to see U Ri, she asked when U Ri arrived. She is nervous because U Ri knows about her confession.
    U Ri said thank you, he felt happy… They stopped kissing when Doo Ri came… Doo Ri apologizes and runs into the house. Auntie, Uncle and A Ra were caught eavesdropping… LOL. U Ri and Su Ji are embarrassed because they all know about them.

    HJT gets angry at Ma Ri for cancelling the board meeting. He is annoyed with Ma Ri’s attitude. He still survives because he feels sorry for Ma Ri. He decided to divorce ASAP and promised not to return to this house again.

    CHY is preparing for her daughter’s birthday. Auntie encouraged CHY, she hoped that everything would be finished when the adoption hearing was held.

    They had breakfast together. A Ra asked, Auntie said today was someone’s birthday. Because Su Ji is confused, U Ri states that there is someone their entire family wishes happy birthday to every year, even though it is only in their hearts.
    Su Ji excused herself, she felt unwell. CHY rebuked and was disappointed with Su Ji’s attitude. Uncle asked U Ri to immediately take Su Ji away.
    A Ra tells them that Su Ji is also waiting for someone, she asks CHY not to be angry with Su Ji. CHY apologizes and goes into her room, Auntie is worried. Uncle invited them back to eat.

    U Ri will explain to Su Ji later. He asked Su Ji to understand CHY’s attitude. Su Ji apologized because her attitude made the whole family feel uncomfortable.
    U Ri promises that if CHY reprimands Su Ji, he will persuade CHY from now on. Su Ji asked him to stop showing how to persuade… He gave A Ra’s milk box to Su Ji. They were playing question and answer… Su Ji laughed. He asked Su Ji to laugh a lot today. He invited Su Ji to drink milk. Su Ji asked him not to worry. He left, Su Ji smiled…

    Grandma makes birthday soup. She was upset because Stepmom didn’t remember at all. She was even more annoyed when Stepmom reprimanded her, why celebrate, the person wasn’t there.
    JDY agrees to JJS’s proposal to give the money to Su Ji first and postpone their plans.
    Grandma asked JJS to take Su Ji home to celebrate their birthday together. Stepmom asked JJS to take Su Ji home. Stepmom muttered, she denied knowing Su Ji’s location. Grandma asked JJS to say that she missed Su Ji.
    Stepmom immediately prepared food to give to JNY. She rejected JDY along with her visiting JNY. Grandma asked JNY to go home, she said JNY definitely wouldn’t want to.

    JJS meets HHS. HHS apologizes, their relationship was truly over. He was shocked when HHS told him that Su Ji now worked in a resto. He forced HHS to reveal Su Ji’s whereabouts.

    U Ri is busy sending messages to Su Ji. He asked Su Ji out on a date today. He was happy that Su Ji agreed. He was shocked when Nurse asked. Nurse wonders who Baekgu is, he states Baekgu is a puppy… Nurse talks about Angel Su Ji. He was shocked when Nurse stated that today was Su Ji’s birthday. He asked, Nurse stated Su Ji wanted to camp out to celebrate her birthday. He immediately left, Nurse was confused.

    Stepmom brings food for JNY, she states today is Su Ji’s birthday, Su Ji and HHS’s relationship is over, her life is a waste. JNY refused to listen to her complaints. JNY was shocked when she stated that JJS would definitely divorce her. She stated that she had made a mistake, in fact she was lying, Su Ji’s mom did not abandon Su Ji. She did this for the benefit of both of them.
    HHS contacted JNY, they promised to eat together.
    Stepmom wonders who JNY’s BF is. JNY states she loves her BF. Stepmom disapproves of love reasons. JNY was annoyed with her attitude. JNY stated that she didn’t think that she loved that person so much… She was curious that JNY used Lily’s name…

    Su Ji apologizes to CHY. CHY asks her to rest. CHY refuses she is call her as mom, she hasn’t given them permission until she solves her problem. She asked CHY not to worry. CHY will see later.
    She received a call from her father (JJS), she asked permission from CHY. CHY reprimanded herself…

    At the end of the episode, JJS meets Su Ji. Su Ji invited him to go to the café. He wanted to meet the owner of the house to express his thanks and invite Su Ji to go home. CHY comes out of the resto. Su Ji refused, he asked Su Ji to listen to his request. Su JI forces JJS to leave. CHY was stunned to see JJS….

    Next, U Ri celebrates Su Ji’s birthday. He hoped Su Ji was happy. Su Ji smiled and enjoyed it… CHY was very worried, Su Ji must really hate her. She cried while hugging their yellow coat and photo.

    Stepmom would definitely approve if HHS would be her son-in-law again… LOL.

  5. SY should learn to respect boundaries a bit more. Whether they don’t like the taste of a certain food, or they have an allergy, or there is a trauma attached to it, if another person says “no thanks” you accept their answer and don’t keep pushing.

  6. I like the pace this drama moves at-no dawdling for tons of episodes until the reveal happens or a problem is resolved.
    But are we going to get a couple that just gazes longingly into each others eyes, or is satisfied with hand holding and the rare hug?
    No, please. These are adults not teenagers. Sigh. I hope SJ plants a nice, big kiss on him and not a peck on the cheek! Like to see URi caught off guard 😄

  7. Finally the plot is moving along, I wonder how she’s gonna react to SJ from now on probably too shameful and will do a 180 about her relationship with WR, interesting.

  8. Sun Young prepares a birthday meal for Soo Kyung despite knowing she won’t join her. Meanwhile, Su Ji struggles to sit in front of Sun Young’s food due to traumatic memories associated with it, unbeknownst to Sun Young, who is displeased with her attitude. Later, U Ri discovers that it’s Su Ji’s birthday. Meanwhile, Jang Soo learns that Su Ji is at The Courtyard House.

  9. Her mom z ryt this tym. I call it an overacting. After all these years u still behave like that after seeing that food. Gal get over it. Ppl r gonna b sick of u.

    k finally something z revealed. I was getting sick of everyone in this drama except uri

  10. Again people pop out of door like popcorn….😂😂😂….now suji uri are together….❤️

    Last ep I comment that they will drag the mother story….but didn’t expect that it gona reveal this soon (secrets are revealing)…😅…good … let’s see what will our uri do??….