Sinister Beings Season 2 (2024)

Sinister Beings Season 2 (2024)

Other name: 逆天奇案II / 逆天奇案 2 / Ni Tian Qi An 2 / Yik Tin Kei On 2 / Sinister Beings II / Sinister Beings 2

Synopsis: The ongoing drama follows detectives Jun Sen and Wei Li as they continue to solve various unusual cases. They stumble upon a high-profile international murder case in Hong Kong, which they successfully crack with the help of advanced technology. However, their investigation takes a shocking turn when they discover that the previous case’s culprit, Zi Le, had sent encrypted messages and a large amount of encrypted currency to the dark web before his arrest. This revelation points to a larger conspiracy at play.

Soon after, a “mysterious man” linked to Zi Le’s image emerges in Hong Kong with plans of mass destruction. As Jun Sen and Wei Li race against time to decipher the hidden messages and stop the “mysterious man”, the plot takes unexpected twists and turns. With 30 episodes airing from Monday to Friday, this drama promises a thrilling and suspenseful finale. (Source:



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